Bobby V - Rearview Ridin ft. Ludacris

Artist: Bobby V

Featuring: Ludacris

Producer: Timbaland

Album: Special Occasion

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Bobby V learned about the ups and downs of fame at a young age.  Getting his start at age 13 in the R&B vocal group MISTA, Bobby V got his first taste of success as the single “Blackberry Molasses” gained popularity. However, plans for a second MISTA album failed to come to fruition. “This was a rough time in my life, one day you’re on TV, living the life and the next day you are back to reality, ” says Bobby V. “But I didn’t give up.” And his persistence paid off –signed to Disturbing Tha Peace Records, Bobby V released his second solo effort, Special Occasion, this month. The second single from the album, entitled Rearview Ridin’, is a slick, Timbaland-produced ballad featuring a performance from DTP label head, Ludacris.

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Written by on 05/18/07

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