Bobby Capri - American Dream

Artist: Bobby Capri

Featuring: Jon Connor

Producer: Cave Precise

Album: Instant Gratification EP

Avg Rating: 32101 3.3 ( 4 votes )


Remember, if you work hard and stay focused, you’re sure to get rich and reach your goals… ha! While the American Dream is a nice thought, the reality is that it is damn near impossible to achieve. If you want an accurate portrait of the American Dream, I implore you to take a listen to Bobby Capri’s latest effort. Atop the lively boardwork of Cave Precise, Capri highlights the excess-driven, greedy values (or lack thereof) of today’s America. Booth favorite Jon Connor showcases his impressive, rapid-fire flows in a self-confident closing verse. Those of you who have been dreaming about a larger project from Capri will see their visions realized when his Instant Gratification EP drops later this month. 

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Written by Lucas G. on 05/14/13

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