B.o.B - F You ft. Lil Boosie & DG Yola

Artist: B.o.B

Featuring: Boosie BadAzz, DG Yola

Producer: K-Rab

Album: The Adventures of B.o.B.

Avg Rating: 32101 3.4 ( 42 votes )


In the past few months, upstart Atlanta rapper B.o.B. has acknowledged all of his haterz, gripped bodies with British singer Amy Winehouse and slowed it down with Caribbean duo, Rock City.  So, what’s next?  Why a country song, of course!  Channeling his inner twang, B.o.B. and fellow country boys Lil Boosie and DG Yola all circle around an imaginary camp fire and brag about their independence on the brand new song, F*ck You.  While it would normally be a stretch to infuse the essence of country music into hip-hop (remember Nelly’s attempt?), Snoop Dogg already restarted that party with the Everlast-produced My Medicine, off his brand new album Ego Trippin.  We’ll see if B.o.B. can make it a trend.

B.o.BBoosie BadAzzDG Yola

Written by on 03/18/08

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