B.o.B - Cyber Heaven

Artist: B.o.B

Producer: B.o.B.

Album: 12th Dimension EP

Avg Rating: 21021 2.3 ( 23 votes )


B.o.B. is all about versatility. First of all, his name stands for whatever you want it to (although he does have a few suggestions, such as Bring one Beer and Books over Bullets). Second of all, he’s pretty nasty both on the boards and on the mic. His new track, Cyber Heaven, showcases his two talents. Using a fancy vocoder and some computer beats, the Atlanta rapper puts together a celebration of our digital world. As lame as that sounds, he manages to make it work by mixing in some more conventional lyrics. You may not be sure what he’s talking about by the end of the song, but at least you’ll be tapping your foot and humming along. Cyber Heaven is featured on his new EP, 12th Dimension.


Written by on 06/29/08

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