Boaz - Gettin Mine

Artist: Boaz

Producer: SoulStarzMusseQ

Album: The Audiobiography

Avg Rating: 21021 2.4 ( 17 votes )


Whether you view Boaz as the hip-hop Horatio Alger or just another bill-tossing club rapper, you can’t help but admire the American Dream in action. The Steel City native’s past reads like a modern rags to riches tale, with the classic blue collar-to-white collar route replaced by yay-pushing and rhyme-spitting (cue ‘USA!’ chants). His new single, Gettin Mine, is about finally making that paper. If the buzz about Boaz is any indicator of his success, then maybe hard work and determination do pay off after all. SoulStarzMusseQ contributes a radio-ready beat that gives the track instant commercial appeal. For more nothing-to-something stories, check out Boaz’s upcoming Audiobiography, due in late August.

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Written by on Jul 17, 2008

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