Boaz ft. Josh Everette - Crazy World

Artist: Boaz

Producer: Johnny Juliano

Album: The Audiobiography

Avg Rating: 21021 2.8 ( 19 votes )


If you gave Boaz the chance, he’d probably talk your ear off about everything wrong with our world. Save your time and just watch a little CNN. During commercial breaks, however, feel free to tune into the Pittsburgh’s rapper’s new single, Crazy World, for an alternative take on things. Boaz covers everything from coke deals to the Iraq War, never missing a chance to complain about the powers that be. Producer Johnny Juliano, the man responsible for Wiz Khalifa’s trance-rap success, handles the beat, borrowing a catchy little piano melody from disco-soul artist Jamiroquai’s ‘96 hit, Virtual Insanity. Fellow Steel City native Josh Everette takes care of the laid-back hook. Crazy World will appear on Boaz’s upcoming album, The Audiobiography (Fall ‘08).


Written by on Aug 14, 2008

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