Blue, The Misfit ft. Snow Tha Product - Love

Artist: Blue, The Misfit

Featuring: Snow Tha Product

Producer: Blue, The Misfit

Album: Child In The Wild

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 2 votes )


All things considered in Hip-Hop, I find it almost impossible to imagine a day where the ratio of love to hate will greatly weigh in favor of the former. But some may argue that you’re not doing anything right if you have no haters. Well, Blue, The Misfit must doing everything right because he barely gets any Love. With a Queen sample and a Jay Z line in hand, the Dallas emcee/producer and TDE affiliate creates a hypnotic record that gives you more than enough ways to show love. It’s easier than you thought, guys. To help convince you, California native Snow Tha Product lyrically bullies you into giving mad props where they’re due. You can find Love on Blue’s debut album, Child In The Wild, out now via

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Written by on May 11, 2014

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