Blame One - B.L.A.M.E.57

Artist: Blame One

Featuring: J57

Producer: J57

Album: Walk in the Sun

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 5 votes )


With the MLB All-Star Game right around the corner (next Tuesday), baseball fans everywhere are looking forward to seeing the star rosters in action. If your preference is to hear a hip-hop dream team, however, you won’t have to wait another week, because B.L.A.M.E.57 features the skilled input of Blame One, J57 and DJ Rhettmatic, three very talented veterans. With a relentless, unwavering flow, Blame One destroys the beat, leaving it bruised and bloody with a display of next-level wordplay. Speaking of the beat, J57 handles production duties, cooking up a brisk, sample-splashed instrumental enhanced by the surgeon-like cuts of DJ Rhettmatic. B.L.A.M.E.57 is set to appear on Blame’s Walk the Sun LP, scheduled for release in August.

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Written by Lucas G. on 07/10/13

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