Blaison Maven - Live from Crenshaw

Artist: Blaison Maven

Producer: Special Deliv, Soraya La Pread

Album: #2MonthsOfReign Series

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 2 votes )



Synth, Trap, and R&B production styles are all well and good, but in this Hip-Hop head’s humble opinion, there is simply nothing better than a properly flipped Soul sample. If you happen to agree with me (great minds think alike) than you will enjoy this smooth effort from Blaison Maven. Reporting Live From Crenshaw, Maven graces a glossy soul beat from Special Deliv and Soraya La Pread, which has a definitive West Coast bounce. Maven gives the track it’s bite with a crisp, fluid flow and some potent, authentic bars. This effort, part of Maven’s #2MonthsofReign series, is his second feature of the April, following Roulette.

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Written by on Apr 27, 2014

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