Bishop Lamont - B*tches On My D*ck

Artist: Bishop Lamont

Producer: DJ Khalil

Album: Pr1me Presents: Stylafornia

Avg Rating: 32121 3.2 ( 18 votes )


In the course of assembling his debut album, The Reformation, Bishop Lamont has recorded quite a few songs that won’t make the final cut.  Hoping to give loyal fans something to enjoy in the meantime, the SoCal native dropped a street album on February 14th called Pr1me Presents: StlyaforniaB*tches On My D*ck sees Lamont sporting a fresh outfit, new kicks, and a tricked-out lowrider as he prepares to stunt over DJ Khalil‘s Dre-esque bass.  Though some might complain about the lack of lyrical substance, they need to remember two things: one, it’s an early recording, and, two, it’s just a jam meant for rotation in the whip and at the clubs.  While The Reformation still lacks a solid release date, Stylafornia should go a long way toward securing it one.

Bishop Lamont

Written by on Feb 16, 2009

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