Baby aka Birdman - Loyalty (Remix)

Artist: Baby aka Birdman

Featuring: Cory Gunz, Mack Maine, Brisco, Bow Wow

Producer: Kane Beatz & the Mad Violinist


Avg Rating: 32101 3.6 ( 22 votes )


With G.O.O.D. Music taking over the hip-hop world, Cash Money/Young Money find themselves trying to keep pace with the help of some wholesome family values. This remixed version of Birdman single Loyalty sees the CM head honcho joined by faithful family members Lil’ Twist, Mack Maine, Brisco, Bow Wow and Cory Gunz. Consider it a Sunday get-together. All of the artists reflect on their humble beginnings, and bask in their current success; however no one emcee seems to jump out at the listener. None of the aforementioned artists are horrible, but none do much to impress. It’s Birdman’s song, and he has the shortest verse… though I can’t say I’m disappointed. Instead, producers Kane Beatz and The Mad Violinist take center stage with their instrumental. A sample-driven effort, the classy, introspective beat should help keep listeners engaged. No matter how you view Birdman, he usually has solid production. The remix figures to be on Wayne Sr.‘s upcoming album, Bigger Than Life, yet to be given a release date. I wonder what kind of celebration the CM/YM fam will have when Lil Wayne is released…

Baby aka BirdmanCory GunzMack MaineBriscoBow Wow

Written by Jon Garcia on 10/24/10

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