Billion - Rollin On Vogues ft. Pirhanas Band

Artist: Billion

Producer: Kaz

Album: The I-95 EP

Avg Rating: 21021 2.9 ( 15 votes )


Miami emcee Billion has got a lot to say about ridin’. The 27-year-old lyricist has been ridin’ beats since the age of 16 with his now defunct group, South P.O.E., and just released The I-95 EP in April.  Raised by the Miami streets, Billion is attempting to appeal to his fan base in the Southeast as well as in New York City, where he met the Piranhas Band and together they started to branch out musically.  Rollin’ On Vogues is a laid-back Southern feature on which Billion spits “I know you heard the name, I’m bout to change the world, kick to the curb the fame,” giving his naysayers fair warning.  With guitar and synthesizer laden production from Kaz, Rollin’ On Vogues is reminiscent of early Paul Wall and Swishahouse products, minus the screws and chops.


Written by on 05/7/08

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