Bianca Leonor - Say My Name

Artist: Bianca Leonor

Producer: Mick Schultz

Album: Bianca Leonor

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OK, raise your hand if reading the title of Bianca Leonor made you open a new tab and YouTube Destiny’s Child real quick? (My hand is up.) It’s a bold move for an up-and-coming singer to give a single the same title as one of the most beloved R&B songs of all time but, all comparisons aside, the cut is more than able to stand on its own merits. A pop-appealing synth beat by Mick Shultz, Leonor’s label boss and the aural architect behind Jeremih‘s sound, backs the artist as she delivers seductive verses and a catchy, full-voiced chorus. Fans will be able to find Say My Name and much more on Bianca Leonor’s self-titled studio debut, scheduled for release this fall.

Bianca Leonor R&B/PopIndie

Written by on Jan 11, 2013

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