Beyond Belief ft. Nino Bless - Bobby Meets Bless

Artist: Beyond Belief

Featuring: Nino Bless

Producer: Veterano

Album: Bobby J From Rockaway Mixtape [Hosted by Big Mike]

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 11 votes )


Beyond Belief is a hard artist to pin down – though many of our readers were lukewarm on the Kwame protégé‘s hard-partying debut single, Don’t Touch, the exclusive freestyle we premiered a few months later saw him shedding the fratboy feel of his first Booth feature to let his hyperliterate side shine (how many other emcees drop references to Oedipus Rex?).  On mixtape cut Bobby Meets Bless, Beyond Belief’s verbal agility and extensive vocabulary once again take center stage as he spits a seemingly endless series of polysyllabic rhymes and oddball references (“So many rappers on my nuts it’s got my testicles chafed/ I’m hungry like I’m Terri Schaivo in a vegetable state.”) over Veterano‘s Tubular Bells-esque beat.  Fellow NYC native Nino Bless takes over on the track’s back end, contributing a more aggressive but equally allusive closing verse.  The Bobby J. from Rockaway mixtape is scheduled to drop this Tuesday, the 10th.

Beyond BeliefNino Bless

Written by on Feb 08, 2009

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