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The dream of every college football player is to stand on stage on national television, hoisting up the Heisman trophy above the head for the world to see. For all of the over-hyped emcees in the rap game, however, be on the look out for a Heisman straight to the jaw from Salt Lake City trio Better Taste Bureau. On their latest single, the group’s producer, Mason Brewer, crafts an intimidating beat that could be any playground bully’s entrance song at recess, while emcees Hurris and Gigtake it there” all the way with their threats promises. And if they need to, they’ll still kick it with a prosthetic. I think I’ll play on their team when it comes to a pick up game. Pick me! Pick me! BTB’s forthcoming album, Outliers, which will house the Heisman, is slated for release on May 3.

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Posted one year ago

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