Benny Cassette x Chuck Inglish - Xmas Sweater

Artist: Benny Cassette

Featuring: Chuck Inglish

Producer: Chuck Inglish

Album: Angel Dust EP

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Once a source of acute embarassment when gifted by well-meaning relatives, Christmas Sweaters have seen a resurgence in popularity among the people who enjoy celebrating the holidays in the kitschiest way possible. (Cough, hipsters.) That, however, has exactly zero to do with the latest featured record from Benny Cassette and Chuck Inglish, which uses the seasonal theme as a thin pretext for verses paying tribute to a certain fly female. Here, the Cool Kids beatsmith slow-burning blend of synths and live instrumentation bangs in the back as Cassette celebrates the woman who keeps him warm and comfortable from dusk till morning. Fans will be able to find this cut, along with previously-released jams Ferngully and Say No to Drugs, on the collaborators’ Angel Dust EP, available now online.

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Written by on Dec 03, 2012

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