Basement Up ft. Fontaine - Happiness

Artist: Basement Up

Producer: DJ Element (of Brown Bag Allstars)

Album: Ubuntu

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Before it was the name of a Linux-based operating system, the Bantu word “Ubuntu” referred to an African ethic and worldview emphasizing the interconnectedness of all people. For Booth newcomers Basement Up, who borrowed the term for the title of their latest project, that principle is crucial if you want to find Happiness in today’s competitive, materialistic world.  The latest single off the set finds crewmates Phorenzics, Matty Ritch and Allen Poe championing “community [and] unity,” as the path to contentment, backed by the soulful sample work of Brown Bag All-Star DJ Element. Fontaine contributes guest rhymes. For this uplifting cut and much more, check out the Frankfort, Kentucky crew’s latest LP, released this past Sunday and available here for digital purchase.

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Written by on Nov 13, 2012

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