B.o.B - Middle of the Day

Artist: B.o.B

Producer: B.o.B. & Jim Jonsin

Album: Unreleased

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 28 votes )


Having developed a strong buzz in the underground and on the Web, Atlanta’s B.o.B. continues to offer up previously-unreleased music recorded during his short affiliation with Mr. “I produced Lollipop and Whatever You Like,” Jim Jonsin‘s Rebel Rock.  On perhaps his most laid-back song to date, B.o.B. boards “Flight 420”, so that he can fly away and relax in the Middle of the Day.  Though the song is technically a smoker’s anthem, B.o.B.‘s guitar work and Jonsin’s minimal production efforts should make Middle of the Day enjoyable for smokers and non-smokers alike.  As records like Middle of the Day continue to go unreleased, raise your expectations bar accordingly for the long-awaited The Adventures of B.o.B., due out next year.


Written by on 11/10/08

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