Azizi Gibson - Smoking With the Gods

Artist: Azizi Gibson

Producer: Intellect

Album: Backwards Books EP

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 3 votes )


You may think your weed dealer is the sh*t, but smart money says he (or she) can’t compare to Azizi Gibson‘s connection. On EP standout and Booth debut Smoking With the Gods, Azizi Gibson purchases some bud from Allah Almighty. Is it quality? Damn straight it is, judging by the blunted bars the L.A.-based emcee unleashes over Intellect‘s woozy string-loop beat. An unknown director’s smoke-filled visuals (complete with a rotating 3-D pot leaf that fills a third of the frame) accompany the cut. Fans can find Smoking With the Gods and much more on Gibson’s new Backwards Books EP, available for download on his official site. Now we know what King Mez was talking about…

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Written by on Jul 03, 2014

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