Azad Right - Player's Club

Artist: Azad Right

Producer: Jonathan Marquez

Album: A Piece of Mine EP

Avg Rating: 43210 4.4 ( 18 votes )



As a dude with more libido than good sense, Booth newcomer Azad Right feels most at home with his fellow womanizers. The solution, of course, is to start a Player’s Club, where Don Juans everywhere can gather to talk shop. Jonathan Marquez serves up a smooth instrumental to back the L.A. native as he recounts his romantic exploits, and EQ tops the record off with some smooth hook vocals. Released earlier this year, Azad’s A Piece of Mine EP is out now, and this song is available for purchase as a single on iTunes. Watch for the artist to drop a new single off his next mixtape, The Time Is Right, in September.

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Written by on 08/3/11

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