Avery Storm - Head Over Heels

Artist: Avery Storm

Featuring: N.O.R.E

Producer: The Ceasars

Album: Audiobiography EP

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When you first fall in love, it feels like you’ve just jumped off of a cliff with no parachute. But let Avery Storm extend his hand and catch you before you fall too far. On his latest single, Head Over Heels, the New York singer/songwriter realizes that once the drug of love kicks in, the swirl of emotions can blind your better judgment and may make you see things that aren’t really there. Avery’s voice carries the pain of past relationships so you know he’s speaking from experience. Over the solemn production work of The Ceasars, Queens veteran N.O.R.E. takes a more direct route, setting those lost in the clouds straight with the tale of his own misfortune with a woman. Head Over Heels will be on Avery’s upcoming The Audiobiography project (out May 6), which will feature The Ceasars on the boards throughout.

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Written by Bryan H on 05/2/14

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Avery Storm - Audiobiography EP Cover
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