Art of Fresh - Where I Go

Artist: Art of Fresh

Producer: Slakah The Beatchild

Album: Good Morning Yesterday

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For most of us, turning our fantasies into reality is a daunting, and frequently discouraging task. T-Dot hip-hop duo Art of Fresh, on the other hand, have had so much practice that it now comes naturally. As emcee D.O. (the former Guinness World Record-holder for Longest Freestyle) puts it on the group’s latest single, “Where I dream is Where I Go.” Here, Slakah the Beatchild‘s upbeat, synth-driven production sets the stage for verses celebrating the exhilarating feeling of setting a lofty goal and chasing after it. The accompanying visuals, directed by Beatchild, depict the twosome as airline pilots circa the 1970s, complete with hilarious facial hair. Fans will be able to fnid Where I Go and much more on Art of Fresh’s junior album, Good Morning Yesterday, currently scheduled for release in September.

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