Analogic ft. Kenn Starr - Talk to ‘Em

Artist: Analogic

Producer: Analogic

Album: The Booth Shall Set You Free

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When someone says hip-hop is dead, rather than Talk To ‘Em—they probably are too closed-minded to listen—simply play the latest joint from Analogic. Anybody who lays an ear on the artist’s authentic, high-quality style will instantly realize that hip-hop is alive and well. From his head-nodic, sample-laced production, it’s clear: Analogic is all about no-nonsense rap. Of course, no hip-hop cut is complete without some dope bars, which is why Analogic recruits Kenn Starr to deliver an efficient, swift verse or two. The hip-hop doesn’t die here, either; Analogic’s The Booth Shall Set You Free LP, which drops this winter, will feature plenty more authentic selections to keep the art form breathing.

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Written by on Sep 23, 2013

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