Amerie ft. Trey Songz - Pretty Brown

Artist: Amerie

Featuring: Trey Songz

Producer: M-Phazes

Album: In Love & War

Avg Rating: 43211 4.1 ( 57 votes )


Am I jealous of Trey Songz? Honestly? Yes, yes I am. Ever since the video for 1 Thing hit the airwaves I’ve been more than a little in love with Amerie, so while I’d prefer that I was on her new single Pretty Brown, considering my complete lack of singing abilities it’s probably best Songz handles the vocal duties. Produced by M-Phazes, Pretty Brown has a distinctly mid-90s vibe, cruising along on big synth blasts and sharp percussion, a significant sonic departure from Amerie’s previously live band-oriented work. Whatever the new direction is, it works, crafting Pretty Brown into the kind of radio-ready material that could be the comeback Amerie’s been looking for after her last album Because I Love It was held back from a U.S. release. I’ve been assured that we can expect Amerie’s new album In Love & War to reach our fair shores on November 3. I know I’ll be waiting.

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Written by on Oct 06, 2009

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