Amerie - Gotta Work

Artist: Amerie

Producer: One Up (For One Up Productions)

Album: Because I Love It

Avg Rating: 32121 3.0 ( 3 votes )


We all need some inspiration after life has run us in the ground, and if you don’t feel even a little empowered after listening to Amerie’s new single Gotta Work, then there’s probably not too much else that can help you.  This single comes from Amerie’s soon-to-be-released junior album and with blaring trumpets and a banging drum set; the music alone is enough to get you going.  Top that with Amerie’s feisty vocals reminding listeners that you “gotta work hard” for the things you want and you’ve got a song that can easily get you through the day (or week).


Written by on May 09, 2007

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