Alexander Spit - The Room

Artist: Alexander Spit

Producer: Alexander Spit

Album: Dillinger

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As someone who enjoys an egregiously sh*tty movie from time to time, I found it difficult not to think of the infamous Tommy Wiseau flick of the same title while listening to Alexander Spit‘s latest feature, The Room. Which is a shame, because this freshly-minted single isn’t “so bad it’s good”—it’s just plain good. Here, the San Francisco native’s own murky, sample-driven production sets the mood as he recounts a drug-fueled tryst with a penthouse-dwelling “angel.” Director Doug Chung directs the joint’s official video, which, though psychedelic in style, manage to make a hell of a lot more sense than Wiseau’s Room. Fans will be able to find this cut, the previously-featured Down and much more on Alexander Spit’s Dillinger LP, which currently lacks a drop date. Keep it locked for further release details, as well as the latest tunes.

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Written by on Oct 29, 2013

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