Aer - Whatever We Want

Artist: Aer

Producer: David von Mering

Album: Aer

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David von Mering and Carter Schultz of Boston-based pop duo Aer live by a single rule, and that is that there are no rules. To quote their latest single, “It’s Whatever We Want.” That philosophy may sound a little self-centered, but I can’t knock it; after all, it’s led to the creation of a whole lot of quality music—this jam included. Here, von Mering’s sinuous guitar riffs and head-noddable hip-hop percussion accompany him and his partner as they flaunt their lack of concern for punctuality, property rights and the rules of fashion. Jakob Owens directs the joint’s dynamic visual accompaniment. This devil-may-care jam can be found on Aer’s self-titled studio album, available now for streaming in the Booth.

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Written by on Jul 08, 2014

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