Pheonix [for the Sound Killers]
None (Promo Single)

Some songs seem perfect at the time of their initial release, but looking back its always astounding to think how popular they became (the Macarena and Crank Dat Souljah Boy come to mind). However, when someone makes a truly great song it is Timeless. The latest example of this mastery comes in the form of a video single from Booth favorite Adrian Marcel, whose Martin Estevez-directed visuals perfectly encapsulate the song’s vibe. Thanks to a black and white contrast, they are simple yet striking. So too, though, is Adrian’s style. His vocals glide over the whirring, airy production of Pheonix, before a few smooth rapped bars are added for good measure. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but the understated performance is both refreshing and substantive. Fans of Timeless are encouraged to download the Bay Area native’s latest album, 7 Days of Weak, released for free this past April and available at The DJBooth.

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