ACE B8gie ft. Murph Watkins - F**k a Plan B

Artist: Ace B8gie

Featuring: Murph Watkins

Producer: Bobby Johnson

Album: #Crazy8s Series

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If this rap sh*t doesn’t work out for Ace B8gie, what’s his backup plan? Trick question—since his failure is inconceivable, he doesn’t need one. On his latest Booth feature, part of the next entry in his #Crazy8s EP series, he says with absolute confidence, “F*ck a Plan B.” His first feature since March’s The Little People, this low-key street banger finds the unsigned Chicago rhymesayer waxing ambitious over the moody keys and trap-tinged percussion of Bobby Johnson. Fresh off the spring release of his Loose Women N’ Booze mixtape, Windy City neighbor Murph Watkins lends his braggadocious flow to the closing verse. The second installment in #Crazy8s currently lacks a drop date, but we’ll keep you supplied with further news and tunes as they emerge.

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Written by on Dec 04, 2013

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