50 Cent ft. Young Buck & Nicole Scherzinger - Fire

Artist: 50 Cent

Featuring: Young Buck, Nicole Scherzinger

Producer: Dr. Dre

Album: Curtis

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 38 votes )


On his new single, Fire, Fiddy raps “Third time around/You know how I get down.” Wow, really?  All these years you only needed one single (In Da Club, Candy Shop) to go platinum, but on the ‘third time around’ you needed six singles to sell a million?  Fiddy could blame the Internet for declining album sales, except that excuse would be old.  Clearly, the way artists ‘get down’ has changed; even for an artist of 50’s caliber.  So what’s the cure?  Fifty’s as lost as anyone, so he’s simply decided to release more music.  Thus the seventh official release from Interscope which finds Fiddy and fellow G-Unit member Young Buck joining forces with singer Nicole Scherzinger.

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Written by on Dec 04, 2007

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