20/20 and Poise - Blue Dream

Artist: 20/20 and Poise

Producer: Jaywan

Album: Bullets Vol. 2

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As two artists that have already conquered quite a number of career feats on an individual level, it should come as no surprise that the Texas-based duo consisting of 20/20 and Poise have developed quite the unique chemistry. This magnetism between the two musicians has already spawned their Bullets Vol. 1 project, as well as the forthcoming Bullets Vol. 2, which will feature their Booth debut, Blue Dream. From the upbeat production to 20/20 and Poise’s uplifting verses, Blue Dream is a striking record that remains positive despite the slight anguish and struggle that both emcee’s discuss over the Jaywan-produced track. At this time details on 20/20 and Poise’s Bullets Vol. 2 remain scarce, but the project will undoubtedly feature similarly positive, feel good tunes.

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Written by Danielle H. on 09/10/12

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"Listen" (2012)

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1 Songs

20/20 and Poise


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