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Charlie Wilson ft. Snoop Dogg - Infectious Artwork
Featuring: Snoop Dogg
Generally, when you compare something to a disease, it’s far from complimentary. I have a feeling, though, that Charlie Wilson won’t mind me saying that his latest effort is catchier than... More
Posted 4 hours ago
Editor's Pick
léks rivers
A rising singer/songwriter who calls London home, léks rivers introduces his left-of-center style to The DJBooth with the freshly-released Soho Knights. On this moody promo single, the artist makes... More
Posted 4 hours ago
Kembe X - Crack Baby Artwork
Artist: Kembe X
Kembe X‘s self-titled EP, released last year via Scion A/V, was a brisk five tracks long, but that wasn’t due to a lack of material. As is often the case, a number of worthy records were... More
Posted about 5 hours ago
Voli ft. Ming - A Life Worth Killing Artwork
Artist: Voli
Fresh off earning rave Booth reviews for Friday’s The Wander Years, Jersey phenom Voli is already back on our front page with another fresh single off his next indie full-length. Though A Life... More
Posted 5 hours ago
Red Giant - R.apid M.ovement Artwork
Artist: Red Giant
At the bottom of 2014, indie/electronic duo Red Giant introduced itself to The DJBooth with Twin Peaks, an eerie single inspired by David Lynch’s seminal TV series of the same name. On R.apid... More
Posted 5 hours ago
Oswin Benjamin - Confucius Artwork
How do you love a woman who doesn’t love herself? That’s a koan worthy of a Zen master, but it’s ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius to whom Oswin Benjamin looks for wisdom on his... More
Posted 5 hours ago
Lupe Fiasco - Mural Artwork
Song: Mural
One week after the album’s release, the verdict is in: Tetsuo & Youth represents Lupe Fiasco‘s return to the heights of his early career. That means that, like Food & Liquor and... More
Posted about 6 hours ago
Mani Coolin’ ft. Cozz - Free My Mind Artwork
Featuring: Cozz
Cozz has been a busy man of late. Just minutes ago, the South Central representative blessed our front page with new video single I’m Tha Man, and now he’s riding shotgun on Free My Mind,... More
Posted about 6 hours ago
Cozz - I’m Tha Man Artwork
Artist: Cozz
Album: Cozz N Effect
Ask around in any circle of clued-in hip-hop heads, and they’ll tell you that Cozz has been f**king killing it. Or, if you don’t feel like doing an informal survey, take it from the South... More
Posted 6 hours ago
Tona ft. Adam Bomb - Long Winded Road Artwork
Artist: Tona
Album: Carpe Diem
Tona‘s pathway to success hasn’t been a quick or direct one, but its twists and turns have given him plenty to talk about in his verses. You could say that he walks a very Long Winded... More
Posted 6 hours ago
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