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Those Guys - Bueno Artwork
Artist: Those Guys
Song: Bueno
Remember Those Guys? You know, those guys from Ohio, whom we featured back in 2012? That vague-sounding description may not jog your memory, but their latest visuals undoubtedly will; after all, a... More
Posted on Sep 16, 2014
Migos ft. T.I. - Trouble Artwork
Artist: Migos
Featuring: T.I.
Song: Trouble
Migos knows a thing or two about Trouble; in just the last week they’ve impressively been the subject of fan fight headlines and an apology from the Tennessee Titans. And T.I., well, the... More
Posted on Sep 16, 2014
Logic - Under Pressue Artwork
Artist: Logic
Logic has been steadily building a fan base for years now, and his upcoming album could easily be the project that pushes him into stardom, if it’s good enough. So yeah, the man’s really... More
Posted on Sep 16, 2014
August Alsina ft. Nicki Minaj - No Love Artwork
Featuring: Nicki Minaj
Song: No Love
Album: Testimony
Update: We have added the Benny Boom-directed visuals for August’s No Love single. Drake might be the most talked about name in hip hop, but the man dominating the conversation on the R&B... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Rapsody - Hard to Choose Artwork
Artist: Rapsody
Any recording artist who achieves a modicum of success needs to make series of difficult decisions: sell out your principles for a chance at fame and fortune, or hang on to your artistic integrity?... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Made In Heights - Ghosts Artwork
Song: Ghosts
Though Lucas G. introduced the indie-pop buzzmakers to the Booth in a July “Meet…” column, we still have yet to feature a proper audio feature from Made In Heights. Today, we finally rectify... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Cap 1 ft. 2 Chainz - Too Damn Artwork
Artist: Cap 1
Featuring: 2 Chainz
With his next street album just a day away from release, Cap 1 is giving his hungry fanbase one last hors-d’oeuvre in advance of the main course. On this whip-ready single, the Chi-town veteran... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
¡MAYDAY! x MURS - Beast out the Box Artwork
Artist: ¡MAYDAY!
Featuring: MURS
Album: ¡MursDay!
As the story of Pandora teaches us, when you open a mysterious container, it may very well be impossible to get its contents back under control. Such is the case, figuratively speaking, with regard to... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Rick Ross ft. Project Pat - Elvis Presley Blvd. Artwork
Artist: Rick Ross
Featuring: Project Pat
Though last week’s release of the official remix of Mastermind inclusion BLK & WHT made it seem like Rick Ross was planning on milking his sixth studio album for a while longer, the Maybach... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Jennifer Hudson ft. Iggy Azalea - He Ain’t Going Nowhere Artwork
Featuring: Iggy Azalea
Album: JHUD
Popular wisdom tells us that we guys are lower-maintenance in relationships than the ladies, but that doesn’t mean that keeping a man—and keeping him faithful—is a cakewalk. Follow the... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Kings Dead ft. Mac The Hand - Satellite Kids Artwork
Artist: Kings Dead
Just what is it with kids these days? Personally, I think my generation is doing just fine (after being dealt a pretty f**king bad hand, to boot), but Boston twosome Kings Dead have got a few... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Derek Wise
Artist: Derek Wise
Song: Kenzo
If you’re walking around the hip Kensington Market neighborhood of Toronto and see a Mercedes-Benz roll by with smoke pouring out the windows, odds are you just caught a glimpse of Derek Wise.... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Brother Ali ft. Bambu & MaLLy- Home Away From Home Artwork
Featuring: Bambu | MaLLy
Some artists experience touring as a painful separation from loved ones and familiar places. Not Brother Ali; for the Minneapolis heavyweight, the road is Home Away From Home. Tomorrow, he’ll be... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
Merna - Young & Reckless Artwork
Artist: Merna
If you don’t exercise your freedom and make a few crazy decisions while you’re figuring life out, you’ll likely suffer from regrets when you’re older. So I can hardly fault... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014
A-Hi ft. Dre Day - Know the Name Artwork
Artist: A-Hi
Back in March, when A-Hi made his Booth debut with Who Am I, many of our readers couldn’t have answered the titular question. Now, y’all should at the very least Know the Name. In any... More
Posted on Sep 15, 2014

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