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Poison Ivory - Mr. Wonderful Artwork

Poison Ivory - Mr. Wonderful

For a minute now, Lady Gaga‘s been the most eccentric songstress on the pop scene. Now, it looks like she may have a challenger. Sure, Poison Ivory may not wear raw meat, but she does do her laundry rocking a neon...Read More

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London Taylor - Better Half Artwork

London Taylor - Better Half

London Taylor‘s been making some serious moves over the course of 2014, teaming up with Future to drop successful single Pop Big Bottles and shooting a controversial video with reality star Nicole Murphy. Our...Read More

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EMIL - Future Primitive Artwork

EMIL - Future Primitive

Since blessing the Booth with After the Storm in January of 2013, Fonz-E-Mak’s been on a hiatus from the game. Which isn’t to say he was on vacation; he spent much of that time deepening his songwriting abilities...Read More

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Neijah Lenae - Tell Me Artwork

Neijah Lenae - Tell Me

Fresh off the release of her latest EP, Oakland-based R&B buzzmaker Neijah Lenae makes her grand entrance into The DJBooth with a standout off the project. Tell Me is a tender, emotionally-vulnerable jam dedicated to a...Read More

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DRE - Dance Artwork

DRE - Dance

Last we heard from North Carolina singer/songwriter DRE, he was giving us a play-by-play of How [he] Fell in Love with his current girl. Three months later, they’re still going strong, judging by his latest feature. The...Read More

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Lil Silva ft. BANKS - Don’t You Love Artwork

Lil Silva ft. BANKS - Don’t You Love

Don’t You Love it when a young, talented artist blesses the Booth with something that sounds utterly fresh and new? I’ma go ahead and assume you answered that rhetorical question in the affirmative, which means...Read More

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David Dallas ft. Sid Diamond & Mareko - Southside Artwork

David Dallas ft. Sid Diamond & Mareko - Southside

David Dallas‘s South Auckland stomping grounds may be about 10,000 miles away from DJBooth HQ but, when you set it side-by-side with inner-city areas in the U.S., you’ll find more similarities than differences. On...Read More

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Camp Lo

Camp Lo - Cold Retarded

Do you enjoy hearing seasoned emcees go dumb on the mic? Well, you’re in luck, because the latest single from Bronx mainstays Camp Lo is Cold Retarded. This joint packs all the off-the-wall wordplay, fractured...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Keke Palmer ft. B.o.B - Ride This Beat Artwork

Keke Palmer ft. B.o.B - Ride This Beat

More than two years after making her last Booth appearance with the Kevin McCall-assisted You Got Me, R&B songstress and actress Keke Palmer returns to bring us new promo cut Ride This Beat. Bangladesh mans the boards on...Read More

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Dewy Sinatra - Question Artwork

Dewy Sinatra - Question

At the top of last month, UK rhymesayer Dewy Sinatra was searching for a little love, in hopes that it would help him keep stress at bay. If he found what he was looking for, it doesn’t seem to have resolved the issue....Read More

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Don Speaks - Sixteen Tons Artwork

Don Speaks - Sixteen Tons

With their self-titled collaborative debut just days away from release, Donwill and Dash Speaks of Don Speaks have liberated another fresh single off the set. More akin to the grimy Ape Sh*t than last week’s...Read More

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Ab-Soul - To the Max

As often happens to artists with high standards, Ab-Soul had a few songs left over after putting the finishing touches on his most recent TDE album—some of which were plenty good enough to make it onto the final tracklist....Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Luckyiam ft. Myka 9 & Open Mike Eagle - Me & The Mikes Artwork

Luckyiam ft. Myka 9 & Open Mike Eagle - Me & The Mikes [Premiere]

Forgot to pick up a birthday gift for Los Angeles veteran Luckyiam? We’ll let it slide, since this is his first solo appearance in the Booth. Nice guy that he is, the Living Legends co-founder is celebrating the...Read More

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Bugus - Ain’t Nothin’ That I Can’t Do Artwork

Bugus - Ain’t Nothin’ That I Can’t Do

When you’ve got drive and passion, anything is possible. OK, walking through walls and shooting lasers from your eyes might present some difficulties… but now I’m just being a smartass. On his latest promo...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Trae the Truth ft. Young Thug - Try Me Artwork

Trae the Truth ft. Young Thug - Try Me

I’ve always admired Southern rappers’ ability to make the most unlikely pairs of words rhyme, but damn—Young Thug takes it to the next level on Trae Tha Truth‘s new single. On this whip-ready promo cut,...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Rittz ft. Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt - Profit Artwork

Rittz ft. Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt - Profit

For the past 12 months and change we’ve heard Next to Nothing from Rittz. Sure, he’s dropped by for the occasional guest appearance, but that’s pretty thin gruel compared to the volume of content he’s...Read More

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Sam Smith - I’m Not the Only One Artwork

Sam Smith - I’m Not the Only One

Still riding high off the success of Stay With Me and its Mary J. Blige-assisted revamp, UK soul sensation Sam Smith returns with another poignant single off his studio debut. Like much of the material on the album, this...Read More

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