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Vanessa Elisha - Ocean Artwork

Vanessa Elisha - Ocean

As a resident of Australia’s Gold Coast, Vanessa Elisha can splash around in the Pacific pretty much whenever she wants. Be that as it may, new single Ocean has less to do with the literal body of water than with the...Read More

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Bobby Brackins ft. G-Eazy & Mina J - Hot Box Artwork

Bobby Brackins ft. G-Eazy & Mina J - Hot Box

Since dropping off F**k Friends back in 2012, songwriter and emcee Bobby Brackins has put his solo career on hold to focus on his work behind the scenes, penning records for Chris Brown (Loyal) and Tinashe (2 On). Yesterday,...Read More

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Ella Eyre - Comeback Artwork

Ella Eyre - Comeback

Update: We have added the Jon Jon Augustavo-directed visuals. If you’re anything like me, you read the name of Ella Eyre‘s latest promo single and wondered how the British singer-songwriter could make a Comeback...Read More

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The Knocks ft. Powers - Classic Artwork

The Knocks ft. Powers - Classic

One day, when you’re old and gray, you’ll boot up your head-mounted supercomputer (or brain implant, or whatever you use to navigate the Internet in the future), browse to The DJBooth and play The Knocks’...Read More

Elijah Blake - Give Me U Artwork

Elijah Blake - Give Me U

Earlier this week, Elijah Blake liberated an EP featuring three tracks’ worth of new material, free of charge. All he wants in return is… you. That’s right, you. On project standout Give Me U, a...Read More

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Nick Hakim - I Don’t Know Artwork

Nick Hakim - I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know whether you caught Nick Hakim‘s debut feature, Cold, when it hit our front page in June… but if you did, you’re undoubtedly hungry for more from the promising indie crooner. Well, your...Read More

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William Bolton - Bud Light Artwork

William Bolton - Bud Light

As William Bolton‘s past Booth features make abundantly clear, the Michigan singer/songwriter and producer is a true connoisseur of pop music, and it’s a safe bet that his impeccable taste extends to beverages as...Read More

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Mark Morrison ft. Crooked I, Erene & Devlin - 2omorrow Artwork

Mark Morrison ft. Crooked I, Erene & Devlin - 2omorrow

Back in 2012, Mark “The Mack” Morrison made his return to the game with IAmWhatIAm, his first official single since 2006… or so we thought. Turns out that cut, like the smattering of street singles that followed,...Read More

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Asher Roth ft. Major Myjah - Last of the Flohicans Artwork

Asher Roth ft. Major Myjah - Last of the Flohicans

As corny and lame as it may be I love awful, cringe-worthy puns and a good play on words, so it’s no wonder I’m a fan of the title of Asher Roth’s latest single, Last of the Flohicans. Of course it’s...Read More

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Chris Batson - Painless Artwork

Chris Batson - Painless

Last we heard from Chris Batson, the indie R&B buzzmaker was struggling to accept that the girl he loved no longer shared his feelings. Though he saw her departure coming from a mile away, that didn’t dull the sting...Read More

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Citizen Shade - Blood Meridian Artwork

Citizen Shade - Blood Meridian

While Cormac McCarthy’s novels No Country for Old Men and The Road have been made into critically-acclaimed films, the equally deserving Blood Meridian has yet to get the same treatment. It does, however, have the next...Read More

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Paloma Ford ft. Snoop Dogg & IAMSU! - Summer in California Artwork

Paloma Ford ft. Snoop Dogg & IAMSU! - Summer in California

The weather in the Golden State is always beautiful, but there’s something special about Summer in California. OK, I haven’t actually been there during any season, but that’s what I gather from Paloma...Read More

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Wiz Khalifa - Promises Artwork

Wiz Khalifa - Promises

With the release of his fifth studio album just around the corner, Wiz Khalifa is liberating fresh singles left and right. Precisely one week after the reader-approved Stayin’ Out All Night comes Promises, another foray...Read More

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Jenn EM - Jailkeeper Artwork

Jenn EM - Jailkeeper

No matter how good you are at hiding, you can’t escape the all-seeing eyes of the Man Upstairs. And if you try, you’re liable to end up in the belly of a giant fish. On Jailkeeper, her debut single and first...Read More

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Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj - Flawless (Remix) Artwork

Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj - Flawless (Remix)

I’m secure enough in my manhood to admit that Flawless was my favorite joint off Beyonce’s last album. I banged that sh*t at inappropriate volumes repeatedly. So before I even pressed play, I was worried the new...Read More

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Poison Ivory - Mr. Wonderful Artwork

Poison Ivory - Mr. Wonderful

For a minute now, Lady Gaga‘s been the most eccentric songstress on the pop scene. Now, it looks like she may have a challenger. Sure, Poison Ivory may not wear raw meat, but she does do her laundry rocking a neon...Read More

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London Taylor - Better Half Artwork

London Taylor - Better Half

London Taylor‘s been making some serious moves over the course of 2014, teaming up with Future to drop successful single Pop Big Bottles and shooting a controversial video with reality star Nicole Murphy. Our...Read More

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