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Sam Smith - Stay With Me Artwork

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Some dudes can hop into bed with one woman, then move on to the next with nary a tear shed. UK soul singer Sam Smith, on the other hand, has a tendency to get attached—like, really attached. On the latest single off his...Read More

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M&O - House Artwork

M&O - House

Typically, having a ghost in your place of residence is a bad thing; they flip the lights on and off, break sh*t, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. But the apparition described on the latest single from M&O...Read More

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Young & Sick - Heartache Fetish Artwork

Young & Sick - Heartache Fetish

The way people fall head over heels, get hurt, then do it all over again, you’d think they had a Heartache Fetish. R&B buzzmaker Nick Van Hofwegen, professionally known as Young & Sick, will be the first to...Read More

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TeeFLii ft. 2 Chainz - 24 Hours Artwork

TeeFLii ft. 2 Chainz - 24 Hours

As an R&B singer on the come-up, TeeFLii is a very busy man. For the right woman, though, he can make himself available for an uninterrupted 24 Hours. As for how they’re going to spend those 1,440 minutes,...Read More

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India Shawn ft. James Fauntleroy - Floating Away Artwork

India Shawn ft. James Fauntleroy - Floating Away

When we first met India Shawn back in 2012, she was Sinking Into the comfortable embrace of a new relationship. Two years on, love still keeps the ATL singer/songwriter tethered to the ground. When her man isn’t by her...Read More

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Mélat - Thirdeye Artwork

Mélat - Thirdeye

In some strains of esoteric thought, the “Thirdeye” located between and slightly above your eyebrows is intimately linked to mystical knowledge. I’m not enlightened enough to tell you any more on the subject, but...Read More

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OCD: Moosh & Twist - I Got It Artwork

OCD: Moosh & Twist - I Got It

I think it’s safe to say that Moosh & Twist have 2014 on lock. Not only are the Philly reppers preparing to embark on their first-ever headlining tour, accompanied by Booth-approved guest Jared Evan (Peep this video...Read More

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Mali Music - Beautiful Artwork

Mali Music - Beautiful

Back in March of 2013, Mali Music introduced himself to The DJBooth with Ready Aim, a sweeping ballad chronicling his struggles against the forces of darkness. A year and change later, the Los Angeles singer/songwriter...Read More

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August Alsina - Kissin’ on My Tattoos Artwork

August Alsina - Kissin’ on My Tattoos

The ink on August Alsina‘s body isn’t just for looks; it’s also a magnet for female lips. But it’s not there for just any chick’s delectation. On a fresh single off his forthcoming, full-length...Read More

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Elle Varner - See Me Tonight Artwork

Elle Varner - See Me Tonight

Earlier this month, Elle Varner lit the fuse on her sophomore set with Cold Case, a pre-release promo cut whose eclectic, hip hop-infused sound earned it rave reviews from our readership. While freshly-minted follow-up See Me...Read More

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Asher Roth ft. Vic Mensa - Fast Life Artwork

Asher Roth ft. Vic Mensa - Fast Life

In the past several years, Asher Roth has risen above his college-loving origins to become a serious force on the underground scene, but his scatterbrained style has largely prevented him from being categorized as “socially...Read More

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Ahmaad - Brooklyn Playa Sh*t Artwork

Ahmaad - Brooklyn Playa Sh*t

As spring flowers bloom and rising temperatures thaw out disused libidos, the urge to make romance inevitably grows strong. If you need a little refresher course on seduction after a winter spent hibernating in front of...Read More

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Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal Artwork

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal

Chris Brown has been keeping busy on the guest tip during the first quarter of 2014, lending his vocals to joints by Juicy J (Talkin Bout), The Menace (Put on My N**gas) and Kid Ink (Show Me (Remix)). Today, he returns to his...Read More

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Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie - Keep On Keeping On Artwork

Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie - Keep On Keeping On

Travie McCoy wasn’t always the debonair hip-pop hitmaker he is today. Far from it, in fact. On Keep On Keepin’ On, the Gym Class Hero‘s latest promo cut, we get a lyrical portrait of the artist as a young...Read More

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Avery Storm - Party on the Roof Top Artwork

Avery Storm - Party on the Roof Top

As the weather warms up in NYC, indie R&B singer Avery Storm has been spending more time atop his apartment building. Contrary to what his new promo single’s title may suggest, though, he hasn’t been kicking...Read More

Tate Tucker - Renaissance Man Artwork

Tate Tucker - Renaissance Man

In addition to being an editor for a top tier music website, I’m also really good at napping, using bad puns, and eating pizza; a regular Renaissance Man. Well, at least I thought I was, until I heard the latest effort...Read More

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Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake) Artwork

Jaymes Young - Habits Of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)

Hip-hop and Sufjan Stevens (and indie rock, in general, for that matter) have always been strange bedfellows. Every so often a DJBooth-approved artist will stretch the boundaries of their genre and grab some inspiration from...Read More

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