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Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Tribe Artwork

Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Tribe

Since his album back in February things have been pretty quiet on the Theophilus London front, but the international jet setter is back today with Tribe, a bouncing cut designed to soundtrack your next runway fashion show....Read More

Blackbear - Playing Dead Artwork

Blackbear - Playing Dead

I’ve heard it said that, if you’re attacked by a bear, Playing Dead is your best bet for survival. (Fortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to put that to the test). On Blackbear‘s latest single,...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
SPZRKT - Share the World (Sango & Chris McClenny Remix) Artwork

SPZRKT - Share the World (Sango & Chris McClenny Remix)

First featured, to positive Booth reviews, back in July, SPZRKT‘s Share the World has received the remix treatment courtesy of two enterprising beatsmiths. Whereas Cardec Beats‘s original boardwork was upbeat and...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Christian Rich ft. Angela McCluskey - Real Love Artwork

Christian Rich ft. Angela McCluskey - Real Love

In recent memory, Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan of Christian Rich have contributed beats to #1 albums by Drake, J. Cole and Childish Gambino. Now, the twin brothers are getting ready to parlay their behind-the-scenes success into...Read More

Average Rating: 32121

AdELA - I Was Waiting

Last we heard from AdELA, it was 2011, and the rising pop songstress was peddling a glossy, robotic brand of club pop on joints like Just Feel It and Limos. Three years later, the Run the Streets signee returns with a new...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Jessie Ware - Want Your Feeling Artwork

Jessie Ware - Want Your Feeling

On her last Booth feature, Say You Love Me, Jessie Ware was pleading with her man to put his affection for her into words. A couple weeks later, the UK pop songstress would happily trade those words for the emotions behind...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Jhené Aiko - The Pressure Artwork

Jhené Aiko - The Pressure

UPDATE: We have added the Donald Glover-directed visuals for Jhené Aiko’s The Pressure single. With her major-label debut album just months away from release, rising R&B star Jhené Aiko is undoubtedly starting to...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Jermanie Dupri ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Migos - Pull Up Artwork

Jermanie Dupri ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Migos - Pull Up

Fellas beware: if you’re not satisfying your woman, it’s only a matter of time before Jermaine Dupri Pulls Up to your crib and whisks her away to a new, more luxurious life. On this freshly-minted promo cut, his...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
The Weeknd - King of the Fall Artwork

The Weeknd - King of the Fall

UPDATE: We’ve added the Glenn Michael-directed visuals for The Weeknd’s King of the Fall. After a semi-hiatus, The Weeknd is very much back. Abel’s been averaging about a new song a week, and today’s...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Lais x Skizzy Mars - For You (Remix) Artwork

Lais x Skizzy Mars - For You (Remix)

Booth readers, I’ve got a little surprise For You. OK, it’s basically the same thing we give you on the daily—new music from talented emerging artists—but I think y’all will agree that this cut, the...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Kovas - User Artwork

Kovas - User [Premiere]

Lately, emcee/producer Kovas has been mighty scarce around these parts. (His last feature was spring 2012’s Deed It Main.) What has he been up to in the interim? Sadly, it seems he’s spent much of that time being...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Labrinth - Let It Be Artwork

Labrinth - Let It Be

It takes some serious stones to give your record the same name as one of the most popular songs by the most famous rock band ever to walk this earth. With that said, I’m not gonna do anything crazy like call Labrinth...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Jason Derulo ft. Tyga - Bubblegum Artwork

Jason Derulo ft. Tyga - Bubblegum

Jason Derulo likes a girl who knows how to “pop that Bubblegum;” and no, I ain’t talking about Fruit Stripe. On a new Australian single off his junior set, the Warner Bros./Beluga Heights R&B hitmaker waxes...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Mila J. ft. Ty Dolla $ign - My Main Artwork

Mila J. ft. Ty Dolla $ign - My Main

Songs about significant others are a dime a dozen, but when’s the last time you heard one dedicated to an artist’s best platonic friend? I can’t remember the last time I did, and I listen to a lot of f**king...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Marc E. Bassy - Fairfax Interlude Artwork

Marc E. Bassy - Fairfax Interlude

It was just a few short weeks ago that songwriter-turned-recording artist Marc E. Bassy unleashed his official debut project, Only the Poets, Vol. 1, but he ain’t resting on his laurels. Instead, the San Francisco...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Elijah Blake - Aqua Static Artwork

Elijah Blake - Aqua Static

Last week, we heard Elijah Blake pay tribute to a chick whose body he just couldn’t seems to get off his mental on Wicked, a single off his upcoming Drift EP. Though “Aqua Static” kinda sounds like the name of a...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Nate Good - Drunk Tears Artwork

Nate Good - Drunk Tears

When you can’t be with the one you love, alcohol often seems like a quick fix. Sometimes a few beers or cocktails will chase away the blues, but just as often they’ll exacerbate your condition and you’ll end...Read More

Average Rating: 43210

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