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Editor's Pick
OnCue - No Way Artwork
Artist: OnCue
Song: No Way
Thought we’d close the book on January without treating y’all to something new from OnCue?No motherf**king Way! Today, the Connecticut-repping reader fave lights the fuse on his 2015 with... More
Posted 13 hours ago
Zach Farlow ft. Rich Homie Quan - Low Artwork
Featuring: Rich Homie Quan
Song: Low
Booth newcomer Zach Farlow isn’t averse to dropping a stack or two on one of his female companions. All the Urban Angels recording artist asks in return is that she keep it “on the Low,”... More
Posted about 17 hours ago
OverDoz - Rich White Friends Artwork
Artist: OverDoz
Last year at Coachella, Sleezy, Tube, Creem and Kent of West Coast crew OVERDOZ. had the opportunity to attend a party at the mansion of some Caucasian homies, where they had the opportunity to marvel... More
Posted 17 hours ago
Spenzo ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boyz - Dripping in Gold Artwork
Artist: Spenzo
Featuring: L.E.P. Bogus Boys
What fun is being rich as f**k if you can’t flaunt it? Spenzo, for one, likes to walk around Dripping in so much Gold that the unwary just might mistake him for a living Oscar trophy. On this... More
Posted 17 hours ago
Phony Ppl - Baby, Meet My Lover Artwork
Artist: Phony Ppl
Last week, Brooklyn sextet Phony Ppl unleashed their latest digital full-length, a project that—as the rave Booth reviews attest—is a must-listen for anyone with a penchant for funky, adventurous... More
Posted 18 hours ago
James Kaye - Play the Hero Artwork
Artist: James Kaye
Yesterday, James Kaye brought his 12-week #MillyMonday series to a close with Play the Hero. Today happens to be Tuesday but, as I think you’ll agree, when it comes to quality music,... More
Posted one day ago
Jodeci - Every Moment Artwork
Artist: Jodeci
When you’re lying next to the man or woman you love, “Every Moment is so sweet”—and when you’ve got some quality slow jams playing in the background, things are sweeter still. Though... More
Posted one day ago
N.E.R.D. - Squeeze Me Artwork
Artist: N*E*R*D
2015 is shaping up to be a damn good year for fans of zany children’s cartoons and The Neptunes. (I see you, Tyler The Creator.) Not only is another Spongebob Squarepants movie in the works, but... More
Posted one day ago
Charlie Wilson ft. Snoop Dogg - Infectious Artwork
Featuring: Snoop Dogg
Generally, when you compare something to a disease, it’s far from complimentary. I have a feeling, though, that Charlie Wilson won’t mind me saying that his latest effort is catchier than... More
Posted 2 days ago
Editor's Pick
léks rivers
A rising singer/songwriter who calls London home, léks rivers introduces his left-of-center style to The DJBooth with the freshly-released Soho Knights. On this moody promo single, the artist makes... More
Posted 2 days ago
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