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Write Brothers - Comeback Artwork

Write Brothers - Comeback

The Write Brothers’ latest feature hardly qualifies as a comeback, since they dropped off Extraordinary I just a few short weeks ago. But, you know what? I won’t nitpick. I’m just happy to see the duo Come...Read More

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QuEST - May 10th, 2012 Artwork

QuEST - May 10th, 2012

Earlier this month, QuEST wrapped up his 31-city national tour with rising rap star Logic. Now that he’s back, the Miami rapper could kick back and enjoy the rest of his summer; instead, though, he’s preparing a...Read More

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STL GLD - PNYBOY the Hustler Artwork

STL GLD - PNYBOY the Hustler

Earlier this month, when STL GOLD introduced themselves to the Booth with reader-approved single Zombies, I wondered whether rapper Moe Pope and producer The Arcitype had chosen their stage name as a reference to the classic...Read More

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The 3rd Power - I Need a Hook Artwork

The 3rd Power - I Need a Hook

When I woke up this morning, the first thing on my mind was food, but I also felt a craving for some fresh, R&B-infused hip-hop. Turns out Booth-approved singer/songwriter, rapper and beatsmith Rashad was thinking the...Read More

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Decora - Flowers Artwork

Decora - Flowers

ReadNex Poetry Squad‘s Decora drew some of his most powerful musical inspiration from a figure that, on the surface, is about as far removed from the world of hip-hop as you could imagine: Pete Seeger, the political...Read More

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SIN - Johnny Cash Artwork

SIN - Johnny Cash

If you see SIN rolling through the South Florida streets this summer, don’t be surprised if what you hear banging from his sound system isn’t hip-hop, but the classic country stylings of Johnny Cash. Making its...Read More

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Boaz ft. Scarface - Hard to Forget It Artwork

Boaz ft. Scarface - Hard to Forget It

If you listen to as much new music as I do on the daily, you know there are lot of songs that simply go in one ear and out the other. Once you’ve given Boaz‘s latest jam a spin, on the other hand, you’ll be...Read More

DirtyDiggs & Planet Asia - Off the Turf Artwork

DirtyDiggs & Planet Asia - Off the Turf

In the near future DirtyDiggs will showcase their behind-the-boards prowess on a brand new instrumental LP. “Instrumental” is a relative term, though, because the set will feature bars by at least one of the Gold Chain...Read More

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Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7 Artwork


According to Wikipedia, there are about 4,200 religions in the world, many of which teach that followers of all the others can expect to spend the next life in eternal damnation. Not exactly the most encouraging odds....Read More

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Greg Grease - Really Tho Artwork

Greg Grease - Really Tho [Premiere]

A year and change after blessing The DJBooth with his highly-acclaimed Black King Cole EP, Greg Grease is back with numero uno off his next independent full-length. And it’s a Booth-exclusive world premiere—for Really...Read More

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Shawn Chrystopher - Faithful Artwork

Shawn Chrystopher - Faithful [Premiere]

Even in the midst of a breezy summer romance, jealousy rarely fails to rear its ugly head. On his next independent full-length’s new single, making its world premiere on our front page, longtime DJBooth fave Shawn...Read More

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IshDARR - Nothing Artwork

IshDARR - Nothing

Since IshDARR exploded into the DJBooth with the highly-acclaimed POPS, we’ve heard nothing from the teenage Milwaukee buzzmaker. Now he’s back with, well, more Nothing. But don’t let the title fool you;...Read More

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Sam Lachow ft. Gifted Gab & Mario Sweet - Action Figures Artwork

Sam Lachow ft. Gifted Gab & Mario Sweet - Action Figures

Fresh off garnering positive reader reviews for Dreams of Gold, Sam Lachow returns to our pages with another fresh single off his Kickstarter-funded Huckleberry LP. Action Figures features the unsigned buzzmaker outlining his...Read More

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Chris Webby ft. Apathy - Tread Lightly Artwork

Chris Webby ft. Apathy - Tread Lightly

If you ain’t Chris Webby‘s homie, you had best Tread Lightly around the Connecticut buzzmaker. On his latest single, he warns sucker emcees, “All I need is 16 bars, I swear I could end your life.” Demigodz...Read More

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Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. - Just Another Day Artwork

Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. - Just Another Day

Even wondered what K.I.N.E.T.I.K. gets up to over the course of a typical 24-hour period? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A joint effort with constant behind-the-boards collaborator Imperial, Just Another Day...Read More

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Max Wonders - Rich Kids Artwork

Max Wonders - Rich Kids

On his April DJBooth debut, Max Wonders was Praying for Blue Skies. Now, the weather’s nice—if a little bit humid—and it’s the Chicago rapper/producer who’s feeling blue. On the newly-released Rich Kids,...Read More

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Markis Precise ft. Elzhi & Fashawn - Kiss the Ring Artwork

Markis Precise ft. Elzhi & Fashawn - Kiss the Ring

Like Don Corleone, Booth newcomer Markis Precise likes to work behind the scenes, drawing from his formidable cast of connects when something needs to get done. For example, today the Golden State beatsmith has pulled a few...Read More

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