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Artist: Symmetry
Song: Junky
Remember those “What’s your anti-drug?” PSAs from back in the day? Yeah, they were corny as f**k. Still, I can’t think of a better way to summarize the first feature and debut single... More
Posted about 10 hours ago
Big Whiskey ft. Skyblew - Hide Away Artwork
Featuring: SkyBlew
Fresh off the release of One Way or Another, which won a phenomenal 4.25-star rating from the Booth readership, Big Whiskey returns to our front page with another newly-selected single off his latest... More
Posted 10 hours ago
Rob Regal
Artist: Rob Regal
Two months after debuting his new stage name (We previously knew him as Lyriciss.) with LP title track The Reflection, Rob Regal returns to our pages with another fresh record off the set. On this... More
Posted 12 hours ago
Michael Christmas & Devin Miles - The Brain Busters Artwork
Featuring: Devin Miles
When Booth faves collaborate, beautiful things happen. Here to prove that fairly-self-evident assertion are freestyle series alumnus Devin Miles and Top Prospect Michael Christmas, with a record... More
Posted about 13 hours ago
Get Gwop ft. Minty Burns - Road to Riches Artwork
Artist: Get Gwop
Featuring: Minty Burns
Previously heard delivering guest bars on GLC‘s Bag Up, Get Gwop slides over into the driver’s seat to bring us his first solo feature. Appropriately given his stage name, the cut finds... More
Posted 3 days ago
Bishop Nehru & DOOM - Caskets Artwork
Song: Caskets
Album: NehruvianDOOM
With their debut collaborative album one week from release, Bishop Nehru and DOOM are back in the Booth with another buzzworthy single off the LP. True to its name, Caskets features the dynamic duo... More
Posted 3 days ago
Sean Brown - What a Feeling Artwork
Artist: Sean Brown
There are few things more wonderful than losing yourself in a skilled emcee’s bars. Today, you’ll be able to have that experience while listening to Sean Brown wax poetic about some of... More
Posted 3 days ago
Urbs ft. BluRum13 - Concussion Artwork
Artist: Urbs
Along with headaches and nausea, the results of a Concussion often include confusion, drowsiness and a foggy mind. BluRum13, however, started experiencing a diametrically opposite set of symptoms... More
Posted 3 days ago
goldenSpiral ft. Rich Quick - Gold Tiara Artwork
Featuring: Rich Quick
Just shy of three months after bringing us his first feature, the massively acclaimed Symphony of Wind & Leaves, Philly beatsmith goldenSpiral returns with another fresh single in tow—and this... More
Posted 3 days ago
Feli Fame - The Bleachers Artwork
Artist: Feli Fame
A rap buzzmaker and producer residing in Newark, New Jersey, Feli Fame makes his first foray into the Booth with freshly-minted promo cut The Bleachers. On this cut, the Carolina-born dual threat... More
Posted 3 days ago
Mick Jenkins - Rain Artwork
When an album is as magnificently crafted as Mick Jenkins‘s The Water[s], you can be sure that quite a few records have been left on the cutting-room floor. Today, the Chi-Town buzzmaker and... More
Posted 3 days ago
Dutch ReBelle - No Less Artwork
Song: No Less
After several guest verse appearances, Boston native Dutch ReBelle makes her headlining DJBooth debut with the hypnotic and lyrical No Less. Those interested in hearing even more of her unique style... More
Posted 3 days ago
Editor's Pick
Your Old Droog - Secondhand Gunsmoke Artwork
Fresh off his first-ever live performance, Your Old Droog returns to our pages with a remixed version of Gunsmoke Cologne, a track off the self-titled EP that sparked his buzz (and the rumors about... More
Posted 4 days ago
REKS x Hazardis Soundz ft. Knowledge Medina & High Collide - Fear of God Artwork
Artist: REKS
Still haven’t picked up Eyes Watching God, the epic collaborative concept album from REKS and Hazardis Soundz? Well, you’re depriving yourself of some quality tunes. But don’t take... More
Posted 4 days ago
The Underachievers + Flatbush Zombies ft. Espa - Butterfly Effect Artwork
Featuring: Flatbush ZOMBiES | Espa
We all know how the Butterfly Effect works: somewhere in the world, a monarch beats its wings and, via a convoluted chain of causes and effects, that tiny perturbation in the air engenders a profound... More
Posted 4 days ago

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