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Diamond D ft. Talib Kweli, eLZHi & Skyzoo - Where’s the Love Artwork
Artist: Diamond D
Featuring: Talib Kweli | eLZHi | Skyzoo
Today marks Diamond D‘s first appearance on our pages, but it just doesn’t feel right to call him a newcomer; the man’s a living legend. Regardless, if you’ve been sleeping on... More
Posted about 12 hours ago
Rah Digga - Angela Davis Artwork
Artist: Rah Digga
Rah Digga is allergic to compromise; that holds true in her art, in her politics and wherever those two realms intersect. How has she managed to stay true to her principles in an industry filled with... More
Posted about 13 hours ago
Mayer Hawthorne ft. Kendrick Lamar - Crime Artwork
Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
Song: Crime
It’s now been over a year since Mayer Hawthorne released his Where Does This Door Go? album, but can there be an expiration date on a party? Standout cut Crime, complete with a Kendrick Lamar... More
Posted 13 hours ago
Raz Simone - Cheap Money Artwork
Artist: Raz Simone
“Time is everything and money means nothing.” Now there’s a statement you don’t expect to hear from a rapper. On his latest single, Cheap Money, Raz Simone bucks the trend of rampant... More
Posted about 14 hours ago
Choosey - Middle Finger Rap Artwork
Artist: Choosey
Previously glimpsed riding shotgun on Drugs, a 2013 feature from Dag Savage, Choosey slides over into the driver’s seat with Middle Finger Rap, a newly-released single off his forthcoming... More
Posted 14 hours ago
Fashawn ft. Dom Kennedy - Golden State of Mind Artwork
Artist: Fashawn
Featuring: Dom Kennedy
Fashawn‘s taken his sweet time putting together a follow-up to 2009 debut full-length Boy Meets World, but his sophomore album is finally on the horizon. Today, we get our first taste of the set... More
Posted 14 hours ago
Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone Artwork
Artist: Yelawolf
UPDATE: A lyric video for Yelawolf’s current single Till It’s Gone has been added. Yelawolf‘s promised that his upcoming Love Story album will sound like nothing else in hip-hop,... More
Posted 15 hours ago
Joey BadA$$ - Christ Conscious Artwork
Joey BadA$$ isn’t just looking to make his mark on the rap game, or add a few zeroes to his bank account; his ultimate goal is to achieve “Christ Conscious.” I’m not sure exactly what... More
Posted 16 hours ago
Typ-iLL - 100 Dollar Bill Artwork
Artist: Typ-iLL
Those who picture a rapper’s daily grind as little more than hanging around, kicking rhymes with friends might consider emcees overpaid. Experience in the game, however, shows just how expensive... More
Posted about 17 hours ago
George Young The Infinite - The Dynamic Artwork
An unsigned rapper and producer hailing from “Freaky Florida” (to quote his Twitter profile), George Young The Infinite introduces himself with a joint that showcases the full range of his musical... More
Posted about 18 hours ago
Mike Schpitz - Animal House Artwork
Last we heard from Mike Schpitz, The DJBooth regular was considering a run for City Council. On the follow-up, we find him engaging in the kind of activities that, if caught on camera, would imperil... More
Posted 18 hours ago
Nova Rockafeller ft. Michael Christmas - Problem Artwork
Featuring: Michael Christmas
Song: Problem
Sh*t-tons of money and no idea how to spend it. Too many beautiful women (and/or men) blowing up your phone. So much delicious food you’re not sure whether you’ll have room for dessert.... More
Posted one day ago
Madison | LST ft. Kiah Victoria - The World Artwork
You can’t fault Madison | LST for a lack of ambition; the Los Angeles repper ain’t about to stop hustling till The whole damn World is at his fingertips. Of course, all that money, power... More
Posted one day ago
Hassaan Mackey ft. Kaimbr & Kev Brown - Dope Artwork
Featuring: Kaimbr | Kev Brown
Song: Dope
Previously heard contributing guest bars to reader-acclaimed records by The Audible Doctor (Vibes), Def Dee (All It Takes) and more, Hassaan Mackey slides into the driver’s seat with Dope, his... More
Posted one day ago
Kris Flava ft. J Dubble, T-Rocc, Mo The General, HaLo, Gaspic & Harrison - Prodigies Artwork
Artist: Kris Flava
Featuring: HaLo
It’s not unheard-of for a beatsmith to earn reader acclaim with some brilliant boardwork and nothing more, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to invite a few equally talented emcees along for... More
Posted one day ago

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