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TiRon & Ayomari

TiRon & Ayomari ft. Jeremih - Her Theme Song

When the first few notes of a popular song play, girls (and guys for that matter) will often declare it their song (or “jam”). For one lucky lady, though, the latest release from TiRon & Ayomari is actually...Read More

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Blitz the Ambassador ft. Seun Kuti - Make You No Forget Artwork

Blitz the Ambassador ft. Seun Kuti - Make You No Forget

Blitz the Ambassador‘s last EP, streamable in the Booth as of August 2013, was a dope body of work, but it undoubtedly left fans hungry for something a bit more substantial. After all, a title like “The Warm Up”...Read More

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PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - IFYA Artwork

PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - IFYA

Most of the time, public service announcements make me roll my eyes. PrezSport‘s latest DJBooth feature is one of the rare exceptions. While the West Coast duo’s new single finds frontman El Prez rhyming in a...Read More

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Muzi ft. Divine Cight - Tribes x Angels Artwork

Muzi ft. Divine Cight - Tribes x Angels [Premiere]

If the DJBooth were to have a Valentine, it might just be Muzi. Not only are we enamored with his unique R&B talents, but we sorta have a thing going with him. His last two albums, Somnolence and Somnolence Vol. II, were...Read More

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Sam Smith - Stay With Me Artwork

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Some dudes can hop into bed with one woman, then move on to the next with nary a tear shed. UK soul singer Sam Smith, on the other hand, has a tendency to get attached—like, really attached. On the latest single off his...Read More

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Diddy ft. Rick Ross & French Montana - Big Homie Artwork

Diddy ft. Rick Ross & French Montana - Big Homie

If you go to any hood in the U.S. or beyond, odds are the locals will have heard of Sean Combs. For his stature and the level of respect that his name commands, the Bad Boy capo dubs himself Big Homie on this freshly-minted...Read More

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A-Hi - Who Am I Artwork

A-Hi - Who Am I

Chicago is literally bursting at the seams with talented young emcees. Seriously, I don’t even think there is enough space in the Willis Tower to hold ‘em all. Heck, if they all jumped in Lake Michigan at once, it...Read More

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Mélat - Thirdeye Artwork

Mélat - Thirdeye

In some strains of esoteric thought, the “Thirdeye” located between and slightly above your eyebrows is intimately linked to mystical knowledge. I’m not enlightened enough to tell you any more on the subject, but...Read More

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OCD: Moosh & Twist - I Got It Artwork

OCD: Moosh & Twist - I Got It

I think it’s safe to say that Moosh & Twist have 2014 on lock. Not only are the Philly reppers preparing to embark on their first-ever headlining tour, accompanied by Booth-approved guest Jared Evan (Peep this video...Read More

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Connor Evans

Connor Evans - Familia

Earlier this month, Connor Evans gave us a much-needed respite from the late-winter chill in the form of blazing-hot single Winterlude. Now, the Golden State reader fave is back to ring in the springtime with another fresh...Read More

Average Rating: 43210
50 Cent - Pilot Artwork

50 Cent - Pilot

And the new singles from 50 Cent just keep rolling in. Though our eardrums have barely had time to recover from the one-two punch of Hold On and Don’t Worry Bout It, the newly-independent NYC mainstay is already back to...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Sauce Mckinley ft. Freddie Gibbs - ‘Til it Dawn Artwork

Sauce Mckinley ft. Freddie Gibbs - ‘Til it Dawn

Earlier today, we featured Kublakai‘s Daybreak, a street banger perfect for the early-morning commute. But what if your daily grind ends when the sun peeks over the horizon? Then Sauce McKinley‘s DJBooth debut is...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal Artwork

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - Loyal

Chris Brown has been keeping busy on the guest tip during the first quarter of 2014, lending his vocals to joints by Juicy J (Talkin Bout), The Menace (Put on My N**gas) and Kid Ink (Show Me (Remix)). Today, he returns to his...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie - Keep On Keeping On Artwork

Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie - Keep On Keeping On

Travie McCoy wasn’t always the debonair hip-pop hitmaker he is today. Far from it, in fact. On Keep On Keepin’ On, the Gym Class Hero‘s latest promo cut, we get a lyrical portrait of the artist as a young...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Kublakai - Daybreak Artwork

Kublakai - Daybreak

Every day, millions of people worldwide hop in their vehicles while it’s still dark outside and watch the sun rise as they commute to their workplaces. I don’t happen to be one of them but, if you are, bumping...Read More

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Obii Say

Obii Say - Whose World?

Whose World is this? The world is yours (it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine)! Well, this particular World is really only Obii Say‘s. On his first feature since 2012’s Plastic, the DC native creates...Read More

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Rich Kidd - The Valley Artwork

Rich Kidd - The Valley

Not featured on the solo tip since September of last year, when he earned positive reader reviews for mixtape inclusion Far From Rich, Rich Kidd returns to start his 2014 off right with new single The Valley. Dedicated to the...Read More

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