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Matt Monday - Ramadan Artwork

Matt Monday - Ramadan [Premiere]

Booth newcomer Matt Monday is as hungry as an observant Muslim during Ramadan. But don’t take my word for it; simply hit play on the North Charleston native and recent Blu Roc signee’s new mixtape single, making...Read More

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Taylor Bennett ft. King L - New Chevy Artwork

Taylor Bennett ft. King L - New Chevy

Taylor Bennett may be Chance The Rapper’s brother, but, at least for me, I don’t see him that way; I actually knew about him before I did Chance. Besides can’t he just be his own man? I suspect he could be...Read More

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Chris Webby ft. Jitta On The Track - Good Day Artwork

Chris Webby ft. Jitta On The Track - Good Day

Today’s gonna be a Good Day for Chris Webby fans. Not featured on our pages since dropping off Won’t Be Today back in March, the Connecticut repper returns to our pages with a fresh single that’s guaranteed...Read More

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T.Gaines - SevenSeven Artwork

T.Gaines - SevenSeven

It’s been a while since last we brought y’all some new material from T. Gaines; Fake Sing hit our front page back in September of 2013. What’s he been up to in the interim? Stacking paper, of course. On...Read More

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Janine & The Mixtape - Hold On (Live Acoustic Performance) Artwork

Janine & The Mixtape - Hold On (Live Acoustic Performance)

This month we launched our new Top Prospects series highlighting new artists you need to have on your radar, and as part of the series we’ll be giving you an exclusive track from each Top Prospect. First up, Janine...Read More

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Marz Leon - L O N E R Artwork

Marz Leon - L O N E R

Booth newcomer Marz Leon is a bit of a L O N E R. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped the L.A.-based alt-soul buzzmaker from sharing this freshly-minted single, her first, with listeners in the Booth and beyond. Released...Read More

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Redman - N*gga Whut Artwork

Redman - N*gga Whut

Later this year, East Coast veteran Redman plans to liberate his eighth full-length, Muddy Waters 2. First, though, he’s fixing to whet listeners’ appetites with a brand new pre-album mixtape. Our first taste of...Read More

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Azizi Gibson - Smoking With the Gods Artwork

Azizi Gibson - Smoking With the Gods

You may think your weed dealer is the sh*t, but smart money says he (or she) can’t compare to Azizi Gibson‘s connection. On EP standout and Booth debut Smoking With the Gods, Azizi Gibson purchases some bud from...Read More

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PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - Droptops Artwork

PrezSport (El Prez x Jansport J) - Droptops

When Inglewood emcee El Prez and beatsmith Jansport J unleashed their first collaborative project under the PrezSport banner, it was late autumn and much of America was bundling up for the brutal winter ahead. It’s only...Read More

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Stromae - ta fête Artwork

Stromae - ta fête

Four years after we introduced your to the Brussels-based dance-pop phenom by way of the Kanye-assisted Alors On Danse (Remix), Stromae is finally blowing up Stateside. Earlier this year, he sold out NYC’s Best Buy...Read More

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Dunson - Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper Artwork

Dunson - Broke Ass Dope Ass Rapper

Dunson‘s bank account balance may be perilously low, but what he lacks in funds he more than makes up for in mic skills. On the latest single off his next independent album, the Maryland representative offers us a...Read More

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Easy Yves Saint - Juice Artwork

Easy Yves Saint - Juice

As we learned on Easy Yves Saint‘s last feature, the Queens-by-way-of-Texas rhymesayer’s heavy consumption of alcohol tends to turn his evenings into a BLUR. Be that as it may, the Juice hasn’t had any...Read More

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Kap Kallous - 1000 Times Artwork

Kap Kallous - 1000 Times

To date, the records Kap Kallous has released off his latest digital full-length have been uniformly dark and grimy. His bruising bars were appreciated by the fans, as evidenced by the stellar reviews records like Lighthouse...Read More

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The Dream - BLACK Artwork

The Dream - BLACK

Former Def Jam artist and producer, The Dream, comes straight for your heartstrings and your mind in his new video, BLACK. It will give you goosebumps in a good way. In the wake of the Donald Sterling fiasco in the NBA, the...Read More

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Mario Abrams ft. Yobi - Love Like This Artwork

Mario Abrams ft. Yobi - Love Like This

Booth newcomer Mario Abrams has no shortage of experience in the romantic arena—I mean, he is an R&B singer—but he “ain’t never had a Love Like This.” On his latest promotional single, the eOne Music signee...Read More

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David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun Artwork

David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun

David Guetta‘s music has always found its most natural habitat in the club, but the French DJ and producer’s latest promo single, Lovers on the Sun, would sound equally at home in the deserts of the American...Read More

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P.R. - Long Walk Artwork

P.R. - Long Walk

Beatsmith P.R. hails from Australia, but his latest visuals find him walking the streets of Tokyo, Japan. That’s one Long Walk—4,227 miles long, according to Google—but the journey was worth it, based on the...Read More

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