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K. Sparks ft. Nation - Dummin’ Out Artwork

K. Sparks ft. Nation - Dummin’ Out

Addressing popular culture’s frequent assaults on black masculinity, Feminization and its subsequent remix were heady stuff, even for K. Sparks. In the interest of balance, the freshly-minted follow-up features no...Read More

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Jhené Aiko - The Pressure Artwork

Jhené Aiko - The Pressure

UPDATE: We have added the Donald Glover-directed visuals for Jhené Aiko’s The Pressure single. With her major-label debut album just months away from release, rising R&B star Jhené Aiko is undoubtedly starting to...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Sincerely Collins - Give Me Love Artwork

Sincerely Collins - Give Me Love

Since dropping off Sincerely, the Mixtape back in February, Sincerely Collins has only brought us one new solo feature (Listen), but you shouldn’t take that as evidence of inactivity. Quite the contrary, the Phoenix...Read More

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Raz Fresco - Cursed Blessings Artwork

Raz Fresco - Cursed Blessings

Previously featured as a guest on Buckshot and P-Money‘s Just Begun, Raz Fresco makes his first foray into the solo Booth spotlight with freshly-minted mixtape cut Cursed Blessings. Released along with some gritty...Read More

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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco ft. Jennifer Hudson & Common - Remission

Back in May, Lupe Fiasco announced his newly-launched partnership with charitable nonprofit Stand Up for Cancer by unleashing Mission, a moving joint dedicated to all suffering from the disease. Now, the emcee has enlisted...Read More

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The Weeknd - King of the Fall Artwork

The Weeknd - King of the Fall

UPDATE: We’ve added the Glenn Michael-directed visuals for The Weeknd’s King of the Fall. After a semi-hiatus, The Weeknd is very much back. Abel’s been averaging about a new song a week, and today’s...Read More

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Labrinth - Let It Be Artwork

Labrinth - Let It Be

It takes some serious stones to give your record the same name as one of the most popular songs by the most famous rock band ever to walk this earth. With that said, I’m not gonna do anything crazy like call Labrinth...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Nevelle Viracocha - Mind Made Up Artwork

Nevelle Viracocha - Mind Made Up [Premiere]

On his debut feature, The Astral Hour, Nevelle Viracocha invited listeners to join him as he did a little stargazing. Now, on the follow-up, the Alabaman buzzmaker shifts his focus away from the constellations and back toward...Read More

Average Rating: 43210
ILL Brown ft. Waterr - Bar-Baric Artwork

ILL Brown ft. Waterr - Bar-Baric

Update: We have added the Red August-directed visuals for ILL Brown’s Bar-Baric single. At the risk of raining on ILL Brown‘s parade, I’ve got to point out that the Chicago emcee/producer ain’t the...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Bas ft. Irving Washington - Vacation Artwork

Bas ft. Irving Washington - Vacation

With the beginning of the school year right around the corner, I have a feeling that many are daydreaming about jumping on a boat or plane to some exotic destination—possibly without purchasing a return ticket. Bas has the...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Pell - Runaway Artwork

Pell - Runaway

Earlier this year, our own Lucas G. shined the spotlight on Pell‘s debut set in an article titled “Three Dope New Albums You Might Be Sleeping On.” That wake-up call was undoubtedly effective for many, but some...Read More

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Astro - 88 Artwork

Astro - 88

Astro may not have been alive before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that doesn’t stop him from “bringin’ 88 back” on the latest single off his forthcoming EP. Featured in conjunction with some down-to-earth...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream Artwork

Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream

It’s been a long, hard road from Rick Ross‘s beginnings as a correctional officer coke dealer to his current stature as the leader of the untouchable Maybach Music Empire. On Drug Dealers Dream, the latest single...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Usher ft. Nicki Minaj - She Came to Give It To You Artwork

Usher ft. Nicki Minaj - She Came to Give It To You

UPDATE: We’ve added the visuals for Usher’s She Came to Give It To You, the latest single from his upcoming Everything You Can Imagine album. At the same time Usher is releasing some of his best material in...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Juicy J. ft. Wiz Khalifa - Smoke a N**ga Artwork

Juicy J. ft. Wiz Khalifa - Smoke a N**ga

If you see Juicy J. surrounded by smoke, don’t be too quick to ask for a hit. First, you should make sure it’s emanating from his blunt, not his nine. On the latest single off his 2013 debut set, the Three 6...Read More

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Jon Hope - Camp St. & Comstock Artwork

Jon Hope - Camp St. & Comstock

After two years with nary a solo feature from Jon Hope, we started to wonder if the Rhode Island representative would ever return, but we never gave up… um… hope. With that horrible pun out of the way, we’re...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Hannibal King - Never Die Artwork

Hannibal King - Never Die [Premiere]

A week from today, Queens beatsmith and emcee Hannibal King will be releasing his latest digital full-length—the first project to feature him rapping—as a DJBooth exclusive. If reader-acclaimed lead single Fast Way,...Read More

Average Rating: 32101

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