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Sean Brown ft. Gerald Walker & Mann - Good Ol Days Artwork

Sean Brown ft. Gerald Walker & Mann - Good Ol Days [Premiere]

Sean Brown‘s previous features, Letter to God, Morning Sun and 100 Thousand, found the Golden State emcee offering a brutally honest account of his struggles in the personal, professional, spiritual and economic arenas....Read More

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AnMor - Est. Since 89’ Artwork

AnMor - Est. Since 89’ [Premiere]

Released way back in February of last year, AnMor‘s Booth debut, S.W.M.N. (Night & Day), earned him high praise from our readership, who applauded the artist’s dynamic delivery. Despite that warm reception, he...Read More

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Clyde Shankle - Alieve Artwork

Clyde Shankle - Alieve [Premiere]

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: the title of Clyde Shankle‘s latest single is pronounced “alive,” as in “Crazy people think Tupac is still alive,” not “Aleve,” as in “I just popped a...Read More

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A-Game - Sidelines Artwork

A-Game - Sidelines [Premiere]

Nova and Chase of A-Game have been waiting on the Sidelines for a hot minute—now, they’re taking over. On this freshly-minted single, making its world premiere right here on our front page, the T-Dot twosome look back...Read More

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Scotty The Kid - Say What Artwork

Scotty The Kid - Say What [Premiere]

“F**k the world, I’m a punk!” That’s the mantra Scotty The Kid lives by, and it’s served him damn well thus far in life. Making its world premiere right here on our front page, new single Say What finds...Read More

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Erik Flowchild ft. Joe Budden & DJ Grouch - Hurdles Artwork

Erik Flowchild ft. Joe Budden & DJ Grouch - Hurdles [Premiere]

We all have a few hurdles in our lives that require strength and determination to overcome. If your hurdle is that you don’t have any emotional and motivational hip-hop to listen to, then you can consider that hurdle...Read More

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Jackson Breit

Jackson Breit - Eye for an Eye [Premiere]

January’s Two Timing saw Jackson Breit struggling with the revelation that his girl had been cheating. It just so happened, though, that she was cheating on him with another girl. Now, on Eye for an Eye (a...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Chrome Cats - Glow Artwork

Chrome Cats - Glow [Premiere]

I luckily live in the same city as my brother, so we see each other fairly often for basketball games and a beer (or four). Still, we have never done what sibling duo Chrome Cats accomplish on a regular basis; creating...Read More

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DaVincci ft. Tenaj - There for You Artwork

DaVincci ft. Tenaj - There for You [Premiere]

Sure, it’s a few days after Valentine’s Day, but it’s not like you can’t tell your loved one(s) how much you care any other day of the year. Take DaVincci and his new Booth-exclusive world premiere,...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Illmaculate - Do Not Disturb Artwork

Illmaculate - Do Not Disturb [Premiere]

In The Matrix, Lawrence Fishburne offers Keanu Reeves a choice between the blue pill, which will allow him to return to a life of comfortable illusions, and the red pill, which will set him on the path toward learning the...Read More

Average Rating: 43210
Barak The Rapper x The Militia - Made for This Artwork

Barak The Rapper x The Militia - Made for This [Premiere]

Obviously, developing a knack for wordplay and a masterful flow takes hours and hours of hard work, but part of it just has to come naturally. Take Barak The Rapper, for example; on this Booth-exclusive world premiere, the...Read More

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Thad Reid - Bruce Leroy Artwork

Thad Reid - Bruce Leroy [Premiere]

The Last Dragon a 1985 cult classic by director Barry Gordy, follows a teenager named Leroy Green who longs to become like his idol, Bruce Lee. Because of the character’s obsession with the star of Enter the Dragon,...Read More

Average Rating: 21321
Sidewalk Chalk - To Love You Artwork

Sidewalk Chalk - To Love You [Premiere]

Liking bad music isn’t a dealbreaker, but if you want me To Love You (as I am sure you all desperately want), you have to love hip-hop with a live instrumental twist. Lucky for you (or me), nearly everybody loves it,...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Izzy Rythm - Out of Reach Artwork

Izzy Rythm - Out of Reach [Premiere]

Few experiences are more frustrating than knowing your significant other is present physically, while emotionally they’re entirely Out of Reach. Making its world premiere right here on our front page, Izzy Rythm‘s...Read More

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Just Juice x Statik Selektah - For The People Artwork

Just Juice x Statik Selektah - For The People [Premiere]

Just Juice may be a newcomer to our pages, but any friend of Statik Selektah is a friend of the Booth. Especially a friend of Statik who chooses to introduce himself with an exclusive world premiere. A joint promo cut...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Jered Sanders - Black Butterfly Artwork

Jered Sanders - Black Butterfly [Premiere]

When first I glanced at the promo artwork for Jared Sanders‘s latest single, my second thought (after, “Hey, isn’t that a red butterfly?”) was that it looked like the poster for a grisly horror flick. Turns...Read More

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Prote - J ft. Mark Russell - Stepitup Artwork

Prote - J ft. Mark Russell - Stepitup [Premiere]

When one or both partners in a relationship begins to take the other for granted, a carefully-cultivated love can quickly deteriorate to the point of being irreparable. Floridian emcee/producer Prote-J is well aware that, in...Read More

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