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FlightSch - Night Syndrome (No Love) Artwork

FlightSch - Night Syndrome (No Love) [Premiere]

On his last featured single, FlightSch was in the midst of a dream he didn’t want to wake up from. Whenever someone retreats into a fantasy, you can be sure that they’re running away from something, and the After...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Sadistik ft. Sticky Fingaz & Tech N9ne - Death Warrant Artwork

Sadistik ft. Sticky Fingaz & Tech N9ne - Death Warrant [Premiere]

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to listen to the first feature from Sadistik—Booth-exclusive world premiere or no. If the Seattle underground mainstay (as his stage name suggests) gets his kicks by inflicting pain,...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
NIKO IS - 2 Cents Artwork

NIKO IS - 2 Cents [Premiere]

As his many fans in the Booth will recall, NIKO IS was born in Rio de Janeiro, and moved to Florida at the age of seven. On new single 2 Cents, the indie buzzmaker takes a little piece of his native country’s musical...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Blak Nevada - Toxik Artwork

Blak Nevada - Toxik [Premiere]

Introduced to The DJBooth via April’s reader-acclaimed remix of Push, alt-soul (I can’t bring myself to use the term “PBR&B”) buzzmaker Blak Nevada returns to our pages with new promo single Toxik. Over...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Audra the Rapper - Fronto Leaf Artwork

Audra the Rapper - Fronto Leaf [Premiere]

They always return to the scene of the crime. One week after committing a Hit & Run in the Booth, the Richmond native is back—and she just so happens to have an exclusive world premiere in tow. A loosie liberated to...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
PreauXX - I’m the Man Artwork

PreauXX - I’m the Man [Premiere]

Who’s the man? If you’ve listened to PreauXX‘s latest project, you already know the answer. For those who haven’t, the Booth-exclusive world premiere of the official video for the Memphis...Read More

Average Rating: 43211

Jabee - To Whom It May Concern [Premiere]

Apparently, the cliché about the grass being greener on the other side is true; in a reversal of the usual situation, new single To Whom It May Concern opens with Jabee fantasizing about giving his rap career up for a boring...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Just Juice - 40s & Shorties Artwork

Just Juice - 40s & Shorties [Premiere]

What’s Monday morning without a little juice? Not orange juice—though that is delicious. I’m talking about the mellow, breezy sounds of Just Juice. Last seen trying to beat the heat on early May’s...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Bop Alloy - Waiting Room (Freestyle) Artwork

Bop Alloy - Waiting Room (Freestyle) [Premiere]

While touring the U.S. this past spring, emcee Substantial and beatsmith Marcus D. managed to step into the studio together for the first time since releasing Another Day in the Life Of…, their sophomore album under the...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Case Arnold ft. Rikki Blu - Thermia Artwork

Case Arnold ft. Rikki Blu - Thermia [Premiere]

Last week, Clarksville, Tennesse’s Case Arnold busted into The DJBooth Kool-Aid Man style to bring us his debut feature. Readers were clearly digging his grand entrance, as Break Through received an impressive 3.8-star...Read More

Average Rating: 43210
Ballad - Where to Now Artwork

Ballad - Where to Now [Premiere]

Ballad‘s generosity knows no bounds. Thus far in 2014, the indie R&B singer has unleashed a whopping five features as exclusive world premieres (The most recent was last week’s party-ready PANL.), and now...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Jitta On The Track

Jitta On The Track ft. Bukkweat Bill - KEWL [Premiere]

Hartford, Connecticut’s Jitta on the Track first introduced himself to The DJBooth with late 2012’s Letters Part III, a powerful reflection on Trayvon Martin’s murder earlier that year. Fresh off...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Sim-E ft. Roc Marciano - Sole Progression Artwork

Sim-E ft. Roc Marciano - Sole Progression [Premiere]

Like your hip-hop raw, lyrically-driven and steeped in the sound of 1990s boom-bap? Then allow me to introduce you to your new favorite artist. An independent emcee and producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Sim-E makes his...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
FlightSch - Dreamer Artwork

FlightSch - Dreamer [Premiere]

When musicians write songs about their dreams, they’re typically using the word in the “aspiration” sense. FlightSch, however, seems to have the more literal meaning in mind on new single Dreamer, making its world...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Wil Akogu - M.V.P (Most Valuable Poet) Artwork

Wil Akogu - M.V.P (Most Valuable Poet) [Premiere]

Wil Agoku is a newcomer to the Booth, but that doesn’t mean he’s a minor-leaguer in the hip-hop game. With this new promo single, making its world premiere on our front page, the Chi-Town spitter sets out to...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Sydney Jay - Attention Artwork

Sydney Jay - Attention [Premiere]

When a new artist from the Chi’s vibrant music scene makes his or her debut on our pages, you owe it to yourself to pay Attention. That goes double, of course, when the record is a Booth-exclusive world premiere....Read More

Average Rating: 32121
J Rawls ft. Oddisee, Nottz Raw & Blue Print - Best Producer on the Mic II Artwork

J Rawls ft. Oddisee, Nottz Raw & Blue Print - Best Producer on the Mic II [Premiere]

From Dre to Kanye, countless production heavyweights have stepped out from behind the boards to showcase their skills on the mic, but Booth newcomer J Rawls thinks he’s got ‘em all beat. Part II of a record...Read More

Average Rating: 32121

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