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Phony PPL - Take a Chance Artwork

Phony PPL - Take a Chance

When an act’s been away from our pages for as long as the Phony Ppl—their first and, to date, only feature hit the Booth in 2012—there’s no telling what to expect when they return with a fresh record in tow....Read More

Average Rating: 21321


We like to tell ourselves we’re in control of our love lives but, truth be told, somebody with the right combo of looks and charisma can always come along and play you like a fiddle. Just ask PARTYNEXTDOOR, whose latest...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Glass Animals - Black Mambo Artwork

Glass Animals - Black Mambo

When it comes to dope music, late is a hell of as lot better than never, right? Right. So you’ll forgive us for waiting till now to feature the Hanna Peretz-directed visuals for Glass Animals’ Black Mambo, which...Read More

Average Rating: 32101

MacKenzie - Can We Die (Stro Elliot Remix)

Back in April, alt-R&B singer MacKenzie made his grand entrance into The DJBooth with Can We Die, a single which won a staggering 4.7-star average rating from our readership. Improving on that kind of greatness is a tall...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Rockie Fresh x The Hood Internet - We Run It Artwork

Rockie Fresh x The Hood Internet - We Run It

In mid-May, Dr Pepper One of a Kind Studio Sessions brought Maybach Music rhymesayer Rockie Fresh together with Wu-Tang doyen RZA to craft Makin’ Moves. Evidently, the good doctor was feeling the result as much as our...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Walter J. Liveharder ft. Plug 2 (of De La Soul) - For Salty Dawgz Artwork

Walter J. Liveharder ft. Plug 2 (of De La Soul) - For Salty Dawgz

An underground buzzmaker hailing from the Windy City, Walter J. Liveharder introduces his witty, unapologetically lyrical style to The DJBooth with For Salty Dawgz, the latest single and pseudo-title track off his next album....Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Yelawolf - Honey Brown Artwork

Yelawolf - Honey Brown

Whereas your typical rapper might go for Patrón, Hennessey or top-shelf champagne, Yelawolf is more comfortable knocking back a cup of Honey Brown lager. On his latest feature, a promo cut unattached to his major label...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Mathien - Soul Down and I Artwork

Mathien - Soul Down and I

Chris Mathien‘s last solo feature, released in mid-April, saw the Chicago singer/songwriter addressing a girl who turned him from a man into something more like a stone. Clearly, that catharsis helped him break back out...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Khary Durgans - The Yellow Raincoat pt.5 Artwork

Khary Durgans - The Yellow Raincoat pt.5

Every rapper has his or her favorite article of clothing; for some it’s a watch or chain, for others it might be a pair of kicks. Khary Durgans? He’s all about his Yellow Raincoat. On his latest feature, Pt.5 in a...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
M.i - That ‘67 Artwork

M.i - That ‘67

According to Sigmund Freud, the visions that flit across our consciousness while we’re slumbering are always the expressions of wishes. Given the crazy sh*t my brain comes up with, I sometimes doubt it, but it’s...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Blackburner ft. Lil Wayne & Royce Da 5’9” - Hotel Bitches Artwork

Blackburner ft. Lil Wayne & Royce Da 5’9” - Hotel Bitches

A Michigan-born transplant to the City of Angels, Skyla “Blackburner” Talon has been dubbed L.A.‘s greatest dubstep act by ReverbNation. But even if you’re not enough of an EDM head to take that as a...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Temporary View Artwork

SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Temporary View

Thought you’d seen the last of SBTRKT, the UK producer who brought us Wildfire (Remix) back in May of 2011? Well, it’s time to set that Temporary View aside, because today he’s back on our pages with a brand...Read More

Average Rating: 43211
Hassani Kwess

Hassani Kwess ft. Uno Hype - Jolly Rancher

Bland, dull, watered-down—all adjectives that would be totally out of place in a description of Hassani Kweass‘s musical work. As the Chicago-by-way-of-D.C. rhymesayer himself puts it on the chorus of new single Jolly...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
SOHN - Veto (DomOfTheYear Remix) Artwork

SOHN - Veto (DomOfTheYear Remix)

On his March Booth debut, Boston rapper and producer DomOfTheYear contemplated celebrating his 23rd birthday by hanging up the mic. I figured he was just kidding, but maybe not—his second feature, making its world premiere...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
ShayGray - Hipster Hype Artwork

ShayGray - Hipster Hype

ShayGray‘s latest project is just a day old, but he’s already over it. Introduced to our pages with April’s Mazal Tov, the Tel Aviv phenom does his best impression of a tragically hip twentysomething on...Read More

Average Rating: 32121
Jez Dior ft. Olivver - Kings/1ØØ Artwork

Jez Dior ft. Olivver - Kings/1ØØ

Lately, more and more artists have started releasing singles in packs of two. Just today, for example, singer Bridget Kelly dropped by with I Won’t Cry / Almost More. Jez Dior follows a similar blueprint on...Read More

Average Rating: 32101
Benny Cassette - Raging Bull Artwork

Benny Cassette - Raging Bull

I’ve been obsessed with Martin Scorcese lately, so last week I watched Raging Bull for the first time. All I can say is, damn. While the latest feature from G.O.O.D. Music singer/songwriter/producer Benny Cassette...Read More

Average Rating: 32101

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