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GoldLink - Planet Paradise Artwork

GoldLink - Planet Paradise

If the title of his next project is to be believed, GoldLink has a little bit of a God Complex. It’s only right, then, that the DMV representative resides in his own personal heaven. On the latest single off the set,...Read More

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SZA ft. Chance The Rapper - Childs Play Artwork

SZA ft. Chance The Rapper - Childs Play

For most rising artists, securing a guest 16 from an artist as in-demand as Chance the Rapper would be difficult and expensive. With SZA‘s clout and connects, however, it’s Childs Play. While this newly-released...Read More

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Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment - Home Studio (Back up in This B*tch)

There’s something to be said for exercising your creativity in the comfort of your own home. In fact, that’s one of many reasons I love working for The DJBooth. Chance the Rapper knows exactly what I’m...Read More

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Tate Tucker - Renaissance Man Artwork

Tate Tucker - Renaissance Man

In addition to being an editor for a top tier music website, I’m also really good at napping, using bad puns, and eating pizza; a regular Renaissance Man. Well, at least I thought I was, until I heard the latest effort...Read More

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Jarren Benton - Gimmie the Loot Artwork

Jarren Benton - Gimmie the Loot

Plenty of rappers flip Biggie samples in their work, but far fewer are audacious enough to borrow a title from one of the late rap legend’s classic cuts. Reader fave Jarren Benton, though, is just the kind of crazy...Read More

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Raury - God’s Whisper Artwork

Raury - God’s Whisper

Raury may be new to both the Booth and the industry, but he’s got one thing even the game’s heaviest hitters don’t: a direct line to the Man Upstairs. On his latest promotional single, the East ATLien...Read More

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Jez Dior - Who Drank My Whiskey Artwork

Jez Dior - Who Drank My Whiskey

Booth regulars are most likely familiar with Jez Dior as the artist behind cuts like Hide and the Dark Star (Remix), but on Who Drank My Whiskey the Los Angeles native takes a different, angrier tone. Hey, you would be pissed...Read More

Average Rating: 43210
B.o.B - Get It Artwork

B.o.B - Get It

The latest featured cut from B.o.B is so vibrant and catchy that it’ll have your head B.o.B-ing. Ha! Get It? Please don’t let my awful joke deter you from listening to this record, because it really is dope. In...Read More

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Nas - It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Remix) Artwork

Nas - It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Remix)

Next month, Nas will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of his epochal Illmatic LP with a digital re-release of the album. In addition to the 10 tracks that every hip-hop head knows and loves, this version of the...Read More

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Jay Electronica ft. LaTonya Givens - Better in Tune With the Infinite Artwork

Jay Electronica ft. LaTonya Givens - Better in Tune With the Infinite

Jay Electronica‘s reclusiveness has earned him plenty of flak from hungry fans as well as detractors. And it’s hard to blame ‘em; the man shows his face less often than Punxatawney Phil. While it’s...Read More

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BANKS - Brain Artwork

BANKS - Brain

BANKS‘s last feature, a Dream Koala-produced remix of Change, found the singer caught in the grips of a dysfunctional relationship with a guy who never failed to find something about her to criticize. Apparently,...Read More

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Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl Artwork

Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl

It’s been a long road from Asher Roth‘s 2009 studio debut, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, to his sophomore LP, but there’s finally an end in sight; now titled Retro Hash, the set has been scheduled for release...Read More

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Gilbere Forté - White Lights Artwork

Gilbere Forté - White Lights

Gilbere Forte’ was absent from our pages for the opening months of 2014 (His last feature, Waiting Game (RAAK Remix), dropped in October.), but his silence wasn’t due to inactivity. Just the opposite, in fact:...Read More

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Kid Cudi ft. Skylar Grey - Hero Artwork

Kid Cudi ft. Skylar Grey - Hero

This Friday, the moviegoing public will get to feast their eyes on director Scott Waugh’s adrenaline-pumping Need for Speed. An adaptation of the popular street racing video game series of the same name, it will star...Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Tutu Sweeney - Upside Down Artwork

Tutu Sweeney - Upside Down

When I’m idling in a subway station or a doctor’s waiting room, I sometimes daydream about how I’d cope if gravity suddenly reversed. Would I be able to grab onto something before I hit the ceiling? Where...Read More

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Ibn Inglor ft. Nick Acquroff - DAMAGED Artwork

Ibn Inglor ft. Nick Acquroff - DAMAGED

Featured on our front page in late February, the lead single off Ibn Inglor‘s next street album found him addressing the public from a position of power, angrily demanding the respect and recognition he deserves. Having...Read More

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Skrillex ft. Chance The Rapper - Coast Is Clear Artwork

Skrillex ft. Chance The Rapper - Coast Is Clear

Scheduled to hit record stores and online retailers next week, Skrillex‘s debut studio album will see him linking up with a number of unusual collaborators. Hearing the EDM heavyweight link up with A$AP Rocky was wild...Read More

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