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Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (20syl Remix) Artwork
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Damn, some new music from Ed Sheeran would really hit the spot right about now… Sh*t, I didn’t see you there—sorry, I was just Thinking Out Loud. Someone must have overheard my wish,... More
Posted one day ago
Editor's Pick
Mark Ronson ft. Mystikal - Feel Right Artwork
Featuring: Mystikal
Fresh off dazzling Boothgoers with the Bruno Mars-assisted Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson returns to our front page with another newly-selected single off his next studio album. On Feel Right, a cut debuted... More
Posted 2 days ago
Marc E. Bassy - American Dream Life Artwork
Though the popular imagination has traditionally painted America as a land of opportunity where anyone with a solid work ethic can get get ahead, that illusion is becoming harder to maintain with each... More
Posted 2 days ago
Bago - Plenty Green Artwork
Artist: Bago
On her DJBooth debut, featured on our front page way back in 2012, Bago told a disloyal man, “I Forget You.” At the time, it seemed like a witty way of saying she did not forgive him, but now... More
Posted 2 days ago
Cherub ft. ForteBowie - Strip to This Artwork
Artist: Cherub
Featuring: ForteBowie
When I read the title of Cherub‘s latest feature, I expected the kind of slinky, sensual R&B jam that would sound right at home accompanying a pole-dance routine. While you can indeed Strip... More
Posted 5 days ago
Tyler, The Creator - Diaper Artwork
Song: Diaper
For babies and the parents that care for them, dirty Diapers are a staple of everyday life—yet somehow, that fertile topic has been almost completely neglected by rappers. OK, the reasons for that... More
Posted 6 days ago
Made In Heights - Panther Artwork
Song: Panther
Officially introduced to the Booth via September promo single Ghosts, a joint that won high praise from our readership, buzzmaking indie-pop duo Made In Heights returns to follow up their highly-rated... More
Posted one week ago
Flying Lotus ft. Krayzie Bone - Medication Meditation Artwork
Featuring: Krayzie Bone
Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the Tupac Shakur of video games. By far one of the greatest games to ever exist on planet Earth. Everything from the storyline and online play, even the 17 FM radio... More
Posted one week ago
Bastille ft. Angel Haze, F*U*G*Z & Braque - Weapon Artwork
Artist: Bastille
Featuring: Angel Haze
Song: Weapon
A buzzmaking rock ensemble repping London, England, Bastille makes its grand entrance into the Booth with crossover-friendly single Weapon. On this eclectic banger, band members Dan Smith, Kyle... More
Posted one week ago
Kendrick Lamar - i (SNL Performance) Artwork
When Kendrick Lamar dropped i weeks ago it became instantly debated; a rift opened between those who felt it was a shallow play for pop acceptance and those who thought they heard deeper intentions.... More
Posted one week ago

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