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Editor's Pick
léks rivers
A rising singer/songwriter who calls London home, léks rivers introduces his left-of-center style to The DJBooth with the freshly-released Soho Knights. On this moody promo single, the artist makes... More
Posted 7 hours ago
Voli ft. Ming - A Life Worth Killing Artwork
Artist: Voli
Fresh off earning rave Booth reviews for Friday’s The Wander Years, Jersey phenom Voli is already back on our front page with another fresh single off his next indie full-length. Though A Life... More
Posted 8 hours ago
Red Giant - R.apid M.ovement Artwork
Artist: Red Giant
At the bottom of 2014, indie/electronic duo Red Giant introduced itself to The DJBooth with Twin Peaks, an eerie single inspired by David Lynch’s seminal TV series of the same name. On R.apid... More
Posted 8 hours ago
Rihanna ft. Kanye West & Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds Artwork
Artist: Rihanna
Featuring: Kanye West
Most artists don’t release new music on a Saturday evening. Rihanna and Kanye West, as most would agree, are not most artists. Seemingly out of the blue, that is, if you didn’t listen to... More
Posted one day ago
Saul Williams ft. Haleek Maul - All Coltrane Solos at Onc Artwork
Numerous poets have crossed over into rap, but few, if any, can match slam veteran Saul Williams‘s ability to embed complex, topical lyrics in compelling musical compositions. If you’re... More
Posted 3 days ago
Damien the Architect - Oceans (Blue Matter) Artwork
An 18-year-old rap hopeful hailing from the growing hip-hop hotbed of Denver, Colorado, Damien The Architect introduces himself to The DJBooth with the wavy Oceans (Blue Matter). Single numero uno off... More
Posted 3 days ago
Aminé - Bother Artwork
Artist: Aminé
Song: Bother
As someone who’s not so well-endowed in the “attention span” department, I find few things more frustrating than having someone knock on my door and distract me when I’m plugging away... More
Posted 3 days ago
A-1 - There I Go Artwork
Artist: A-1
Last we heard from A-1, the Bay Area buzzmaker was suffering from a serious case of Summertime Sadness. Given that his latest feature comes in the middle of winter, you’d expect it to find him... More
Posted 3 days ago
Jez Dior ft. OnCue - Parachutes Artwork
Artist: Jez Dior
Featuring: OnCue
Like many people afflicted with heavy emotional baggage, Jez Dior wears a different face when he’s by himself than he does in the company of others. As the Los Angeles native vividly puts it on... More
Posted 3 days ago
Appleby - Scars in Waiting Artwork
Artist: Appleby
I can’t be the only one to have noticed the similarities between Booth newcomer Appleby‘s name and that of a certain family restaurant chain. With that said, I doubt anyone will have... More
Posted 3 days ago
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