This Week in Hype: Drake’s “NWTS” Leak, Playing “Rap Game…” With Skyzoo & More


Before you press play on the new "This Week in Hype" podcast I should warn you; what you're about to hear will change your life...and/or you'll listen to it while doing something else and it will be cool but your life won't really change much. It's an either/or situation.

For the latest edition, I rant about the leak of Drake's "Nothing Was the Same", bring on the allmighty Skyzoo to play "Rap Game" and discuss being "underrated" and much more. 

Discussed This Week

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member Tino for that dope theme song.

* Another trivia question, another chance to win some fresh gear from the always dope IM King, our official sponsor for August.

* I get a little (ok, maybe a lot) ranty about the leak of Drake's "Nothing Was the Same" this week. What does a "leak" even mean in 2013?

* This week I bring on the allmighty Skyzoo to play a new round of "Rap Game..." (he rightfully says he's the Rap Game Carmelo Anthony"), talk about the blessing and the curse that is being called "under rated", the one time 50 Cent called him personally and much more.

* Much respect to SkyMelo Zoothony for coming on. You should follow him here, cop his "Dream Deferred" album here and check out a ton more music from the man here.

* This week's closing track, "Speakers on Blast" from Skyzoo.

I'm not saying you have to subscribe to "This Week in Hype" on iTunes, I'm just saying if you don't you'll burn in a fiery hellpit for all of eternity. So, you know, your call.


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Written by on Sep 20, 2013

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