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Oswin Benjamin Pays Tribute to a Lost Friend on “Manny Ventura Freestyle” (“Bless The Booth”) [Feature]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube What, did you think we'd take a holiday break? There i no time for a break when #BlessTheBooth is back for (lucky) week number 13; so wake up, not only because it's the... Read More

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From the NBA to Hip-Hop, Draft Classes That Changed the Game [Feature]

Whether you're following rap music, basketball, Instagram models or international chess champions, there will always be the inevitable moment when those at the top begin to age past their prime and a new wave of talent... Read More

Noah Sims - Testament Cover

Noah Sims - Testament [Album]

Chicago native Noah Sims has come together with DJBooth to welcome fans into his world on Testament, the 19-year-old producer's debut album. “Whatever direction a song goes, my intention is to connect,” Sims told us.... Read More

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You Used To: The Birth & Death of Ringtone Rap [Feature]

I entered the halls of high school as a freshman who had just acquired his first cellphone, the Nokia 6230i. It wasn’t very special, it didn’t flip and it didn’t slide. It was a basic phone with basic... Read More

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RZA Sold “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” for Millions, But is the Entire Album a Lie? [Feature]

Being tricked isn't the worst feeling. Being tricked when you should have known better is the worst feeling. When I confronted my parents about the supposed existence of Santa Claus I wasn't mad to learn they... Read More

Fetty Wap - For My Fans EP Cover

Fetty Wap - For My Fans EP [Album]

After alluding to it on Twitter a couple weeks ago, Fetty Wap does it For The Fans with the release of a brand new EP. The project boasts five new records - made up of freestyle remixes and original cuts - from the Zoo Gang... Read More

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