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Could Kanye’s Rapper Reparations Idea Actually Work? [Feature]

Don't worry, this isn't going to be yet another article about why Kanye is the worst/greatest human/god in the history of hip-hop/human civilization. I'm not going to talk about 30 showers, his wife's... Read More

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Open Mic: Why Rappers Need to Play Small Shows [Feature]

I spend my weekdays tucked into a quiet corner, typing words onto blank documents, starting in early mornings that seamlessly bleed into moonlit nights. Time tends to fly when you’re young and passionate. The music I... Read More

eLZHi - February Artwork

eLZHi - February

When it’s late February and there’s still snow on the ground, it’s easy to feel like winter will never end. In truth, though, it’ll only be a few weeks before spring brings back the animal life and greenery. Not only... Read More

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Snakehips x Tory Lanez - Dimelo Artwork

Snakehips x Tory Lanez - Dimelo

Though both happen to have earned acclaim in the Booth, Toronto hip-pop buzzmaker Tory Lanez and London beat duo Snakehips aren’t necessarily the first acts you’d expect to step into the studio together. Which makes it... Read More

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MC TREE - TrapGenius Cover

MC TREE - TrapGenius [Album]

In recent years, the Windy City has given rise to two wildly popular trends hip-hop: the vibrant, left-of-center style exemplified by Chance the Rapper, and stark, grimy "drill" music à la Chief Keef. At first listen,... Read More

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Theodore Grams - The Money Artwork

Theodore Grams - The Money

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but the rap game is a little like Vatican City circa 1492: competitive, intrigue-ridden and full of people who’d slip poison in your drink if it would line their pockets or... Read More

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J Warner Pic

J Warner - CHILL CHASE ft. Wretch 32

An unsigned recording artist and producer with numerous songwriting credits under his belt, J Warner is currently preparing to step into the spotlight with the release of a new solo EP. On the project’s Clash-premiered lead... Read More

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Bad Lucc - Top of the Diamond ft. Problem, Ab-Soul & Punch Artwork

Bad Lucc - Top of the Diamond ft. Problem, Ab-Soul & Punch

This spring, West Coast mainstay Bad Lucc will be unleashing Diamond Lane America, his highly-anticipated joint LP with labelmate Problem. Before beginning to promote the set in earnest, the collaborators decided to get their... Read More

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Raury - PSA (Seven Suns) Artwork

Raury - PSA (Seven Suns)

Having kept the deal under wraps during 2014, Raury just made the exciting announcement that he’s become part of the Love Renaissance/Columbia Records family. Needless to say, he’s gonna be making some big moves in 2015.... Read More

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Oswin Benjamin - Never Settle Artwork

Oswin Benjamin - Never Settle [DJBooth Premiere]

You don’t get to the upper echelons of the rap game by being complacent. A real champion shoots for the moon to ensure he or she lands among the stars. On his latest feature, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, Big Apple... Read More

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Young Buck - Drug Money ft. 50 Cent & Troy Ave Artwork

Young Buck - Drug Money ft. 50 Cent & Troy Ave

On a single featured back in October, G-Unit assured listeners that they were All About the Drug Money. Fast-forward four months and, sure enough, Drug Money remains at the forefront of Young Buck’s mental. On his new promo... Read More

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Marz Léon - W H I T E L I O N Z Artwork

Marz Léon - W H I T E L I O N Z

On her second and most recent feature, singer-songwriter Marz Léon departed from the unorthodox formatting of debut L O N E R to bring us a cut by the more conventional title “Fire.” Seven months later, she’s back to... Read More

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BMB Spacekid x GoldLink - FBGM Artwork

BMB Spacekid x GoldLink - FBGM

Fresh off linking up (no pun intended) with UK beatsmith FALCONS on the reader-approved Vroom, GoldLink returns to our front page with another ocean-spanning collaborative single. Premiered yesterday via Pigeons & Planes,... Read More

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Cam Meekins - Amber Artwork

Cam Meekins - Amber

For 15 f**king years, I’ve been trying to get 311’s Amber out of my head. I don’t hate it; it’s just one of those songs that overstays its welcome in your mental. Just when I thought I’d conquered it, Cam Meekins... Read More

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T.I. & Young Thug - Off-Set Artwork

T.I. & Young Thug - Off-Set

In addition to plenty of white-knuckle automotive action, the upcoming seventh episode in the Fast and the Furious film franchise will feature music from some of the biggest names in hip-hop and pop. A week and change back,... Read More

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TOTEM - Pride EP Cover

TOTEM - Pride EP [Album]

Not much is known about TOTEM. He's a singer/songwriter and producer, he's from Atlanta and... that's pretty much it. We haven't even seen a clear snapshot of his face. But that information, along with two acclaimed singles... Read More

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Russ - Reminder Artwork

Russ - Reminder

Struggling to recall what Russ’s music sounds like? Then you may want to make an appointment to get your head checked, because he drops off a new record practically every other day. After you’ve spoken with a neurologist,... Read More

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